Titan team advice


I’ve been playing for a while and I’m finally starting to get some depth in my hero roster, and with depth, the choices are not that easy anymore.
So, I’m asking for some help for my titan killing team, a general team (rainbow).
What I’ve got is the following:

Yellow: Leonidas (lvl 70), Li Xiu (60)
Green: Caedmon (60)
Blue: Kiril (70), Sonya (60)
Purple: Rigard (60), Sabina (60), Cyprian (1)
Red: Gormek (70), Scarlett (60)

My guild is doing 6 and 7* Titans and I’m currently using Leonidas, Caedmon, Kiril, Rigard and Gormek.
Should I change anything? What element should I spend my gems on (elemental summon)?


When it comes to titans a few things are key.
(This covers more than just heros btw)

1: Armor debuffers are your friends! Always have atleast 1x in your titan team. (Gormek/Tibertus/Grimm/Valen etc)

2: Double up on strong colors. Red titan? Use 2x Blue heros and 0x Green heros. This means you might want healers/armor debuffers of different colors.

3: Consumables. Dont be afraid to mana up and fire off your armor debuffer first thing in the fight. Banners, arrows, antidotes and axe/bomb/dragons are great too.

4: Hero speed. Fast is great. Average is ok. Slow is terrible.

5: Special abilities. Single is great, adjacent is ok, “hits all”-attacks suck.

So in conclution, look at your heros, think about what is missing and their synergy and pull elemental heros based on that. :slight_smile:

Also, dont forget to get and level up troops!


If your weak hero has a good buff, don’t necessarily take them out (e.g. Boldtusk vs a blue), but take out one of the neutral heroes instead.


This is just my opinion, YMMV of course, but…

You’re wasting slots with healers.

You only have 90 seconds to do as much damage as possible. Use potions if your board is weak, but just try nailing that sucker as hard and as fast as you can.

Sometimes the board isn’t in your favor. But when it is, you’ll drop 30-40k on the bastige. That makes up for the 8834 score or whatever. Just my experience of course, but I stick to my plan and I dropped 51k and 32k on a 6 star yesterday.


It depends on what you have, of course.

I’m bereft of 5*, so the 4* have to count: if I have a yellow 8* Titan, I only have one 4* purple (Cyprian), so who else do I send? If it’s a blue Titan, my only lvl’d 4* green is my healer, Melendor. Do I use him to activate green tiles, or no?



I dropped a big “you know what” on a 6* too. I felt 15 lbs lighter … phew


I also have to decide between leveling Boldtusk or Scarlet. My focus is on beating Titans.
Any advice ?


Boldtusk first, Scarlett second


Agree with Fledoble. :wink:


I agree as well. I have Scarlett and she’s great but I PINE for Boldtusk. He’s…powerful.


Thanks for your advices. I will level up Buldtusk now.


I’d do scarlett instead, way stronger and you can substitute bold with a bear banner.

(edit: i have both maxed, barely use bold - almost always use scar, find out which works best in your specific team and complements your play style)


Using Scarlett with Falcon AND a bear banner…the green Titan shudders at the thought.


I use both BT and Scarlett together. I like how they both complement my team. :slight_smile:


I’m with a lot of other posters, Boldtusk. He rocks and us so useful in the monthly challenges. I have him maxed and have never regretted it. Scarlett is good, but not as useful. She would be a great #2 for red.

Boldtusk, Boldtusk Boldtusk