Titan Tactics Question

So from what I understand Titan damage is mostly based on tile hits. The higher the attack, the more damage a tile hit will do.

So this is my question and I’m talking about specifically hitting a Holy Titan.

I have two heroes with the same current attack level, Balthazar and Zulag. I currently use Balthazar because at some point he gives an additional 315% attack to the target, while Zulag does nothing attack wise.

At what point do I flip to Zulag? When she has 1 more damage point, 10 more damage points, 100 more damage points?

Ummm… 552>522, yes?

But the answer depends on the rest of your yellow titan team. I always take a healer, personally, and a defense down, or attack boost, or both. Then I fill in the other spots with my highest attack on-color (in this case purples)



Both Zulag and Balthazar are heroes that experienced players don’t bring when battling yellow titans. But I understand if they are your best heroes under your circumstances. Firstly, you are correct in that dealing massive damage against titans are chiefly achieved by tile damage. Heroes brought must be of the strong color against the titan and should have good stats. You also need to have a hero that makes your other hero boost their tile damage such as Miki, Tarlak, Guardian Gazelle, Ranvir or Wu Kong. Having a hero of the strong color that deals defense debuff and elemental defense debuff and attack up would certainly improve titan hits. Battle items like Tornado, Hurricane, Time Stop, Time Freeze, Arrows and Axes, healing and mana potions, etc. would also aid you. Try searching in this forum of such guide and maybe from YouTube. Here’s a link of a recent post on how to improve titan hits (and there are several good ones, you only need to search): Grumpigamers titan team guide


Thank you guys so much. I guess what I’m specifically asking is when does tile damage, as a standalone, overtake whatever offensive special attack might be provided?

What is that threshold where I’m getting more damage per tile on its own than I would be getting with another heroes damage per tile plus their occasional special attack?

I don’t even know if I’m wording this correctly.

yes, correct…
So as always in titan teams suggestion there are couple of must-have slot, and the rest are Strong Tiles VS Titan, it means our best attack stat heroes what we have on strong color, just like you compared Balthazar and Zulag.

Titan +Att -Def -Def (Element) +Att Stack Rest Strong color
Red Kiril Athena/Grimm/Isarnia/Ulmer/Valen/Kiril.C/Gunnar.C Frida/Atrhur/Nordri Miki/Ranvir/Wu/Tarlak Blue Heroes
Blue Gaderius*/Brienne/Heimdall/Grevle Frigg/Buddy/Brienne.C Evelyn/Almur Tarlak/Miki/Ranvir/Wu Green Heroes
Green Zimkitha/Ares*/Boldtusk/Shadereave Wilbur/Gormek/Santa Falcon Tarlak/Ranvir/Wu/Miki Red Heroes
Yellow Rigard.C/Khionna* Cashire Cat/Tiburtus/Kunchen/Gill-Ra Panther Tarlak/Miki/Ranvir/Wu Purple Heroes
Purple - White Rabbit/Vivica.C Jackal Gazelle/Ranvir/Wu/Tarlak/Miki Yellow Heroes

*) Only nearbly
-) Not available

Notes: So, if all slot cast together and dumps so many tiles, then very big tiles damage result.
Special skill damage is not significant over the tiles damage, and times is ticking.

EDIT: added Vivica costume.
Other notes: it is a draft sample, you get the idea the rest of those teams setup synergy etc.


Vivica costume also does defense down


I am not sure there is an exact answer to when the attack stat of zulag is enough to surpass the special attack from Balthazar. In general big titan hits are based off tile damage, so I would switch now, as zulag attack stat is higher, and she helps to keep your heros alive while Balthazar does not. The longer your heros are alive, the more tile matches you can make and the higher your titan damage is.


Added, thanks…

Just a notes to make it not confused the members,… dead heroes still contribute high stat attack, so a squishy heroes but with high attack stat like Scarlett is good option. Just not make all heroes all dead before running time out… I agree :+1:


agree on the dead heros. dying also works as a “cleanse”, meaning a dead hero isn’t affected by an attack down status ailment

heros that increase chance for a critical hit are also valuable for titan attacks.
Melia for 3 star heros
ares, vela, malosi, gregorion, jean-francois, telluria, grimble, guardian chameleon for 5 star heros
I cannot recall any 4 star heros that increase crit

heros that enhance shields are als helpful, so far those are only jott and ratatoskr

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Not sure what you are trying to impart.

Tile damage is independent from special skills damage. In PVE and PVP, we mostly rely heavily on skills to kill the enemies apart from the tile damage. Against titans, the tiles deal more damage than the special skills, even if it is from a fully emblemed Lianna as the favorable tiles matched deals huge huge huge damage against the titan’s weak spot. We value heroes with special skills that buffs allies and debuffs the titans such as regular and elemental defense debuffers since the tiles after those status effects inflicted against the titan would deal more damage.

In my purple team against the yellow titan composed of Miki, 3/70 Kunchen, Panther+7, Kage+19 and Seshat+7, I fire Miki first, then Kunch, then Panther then Kage and lastly Seshat. Kage deals around 400+ damage after the titan’s regular and elemental defenses were debuffed by Kunch and Panther. But my tiles hitting the titan’s weak spot is around 2,000+ damage per tile. Heroes of the strong color but with high attack stat also improve titan hit scores [Kage (893), Panther (816), Seshat (790) and Kunch (519).

I am not sure, but I hope this helps.

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Okay you guys are awesome. I have a much clearer picture now with all the replies that were given. Thank you thank you.

I’m always amazed at the wealth of information and help this forum gives just by simply asking.

The more I get into this game, the more I realize all the little nuances that can be tweaked with different combinations of heroes and stats. I really dig this game and once again you guys are a tremendous help. Thank you.

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Only critical 4* I can think of Is Shadereave.


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