Titan stun bug

I have a few people in my alliance that have experienced the titan not stunning on hitting the weak spot with 3 or more stones. Not using Wu Kong and not being blinded. They are playing on android. I haven’t noticed this myself, but am playing on ios and use Wu Kong on titans.
One of my members also reported the weakspot changing a column during a move.

Anyone else experienced this lately?

What level Titan are you hitting? The weak spot doesn’t always work on the 9* we face. I just assumed that was natural (Titans getting tougher as you move up.)

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From the wiki:

STRATEGY TIP: During attack, sending three or more gems into its marked weak spot will give the player a chance to stun it. Lower * titans are much easier to stun than higher * titans. Also, keep an eye out for the titan’s special attack. 6* and up titans often put negative status effects on your heroes! (Use antidotes to counter.)


Really? I never noticed, probably because I always bring Wu Kong myself.
We face 8 and 9s, could be the reports from my members were on our recent 9s.
Thank you both

I’ve never not stunned a titan (even 10*) with three hits to the weak spot unless blinded or gamblers stance active


So the higher level titans effectively gain stun resistance? Good way to improve their threat level, more interesting than simply stacking hp and damage, for sure :]

No, i believe those stating stun doesnt wprk are mistaken

All the time. At least 10% dont work. I was under the assumption that tiles had to be same color and in a row.
If its even remotely random then thats stupid because stunning is a huge part of the strategy. Doesnt add mana and delays an attack. We fight 10-12s and a missed turn from those are huge!
Is there official SG documentation that its random, not just fan wiki? Why would playing tougher titan matter any way? These guys can 1 shot an entire team if ur not careful.
I just assumed it was a bug, but being designed ■■■■■■ me off.

This was my topic. Now, I do think stunning works (when there is no blind or Wu kong active ofcourse), we are fighting 10-12 now too. 3 tiles in the weak spot seem to work just fine (except for rare titans, the reflect colour doen’t stun.).

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