Titan strategy: debuffer, attack buffer or extra stack?


Purple titan.

I have no elemental debuffs. No white rabbit. No Jackal.

My main yellows are Joon (nearly maxed), Drake, Gretel, Vivica.

Main debuffer is Isarnia. No Athena etc for me.

Which of the following four set-ups is better?

  1. 3 Yellow, BT and Isarnia
  2. 4 Yellow, BT
  3. 4 Yellow, Isarnia
  4. 5 yellow?

Assume: That Joon is at max. And all 4/5 yellows are at max and/or decently emblemed.

I typically mana up Isarnia before starting to attack.

I typically use option 1 but want to know if I’m doing it the best way.

Want to know if there is a trade off to not using a debuffer or buffer in place of an extra yellow stack.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@IvyTheTerrible @MysterySpin @Red_Sun @Guvnor @DoctorStrange @DaveCozy @Rigs @AirHawk @princess1

And anyone else who’d like to give sage advice!

[Will likely at some stage attempt to pull G.Jackal from Guardians]


4 yellow

Bring bear banners

Bears+drake= 30% att up
Dragons+drake=35% att up

Wilbur > isarnia imo btw

Also another option you could do just for purps is just using extra harpoons, goin mono yellow, and bringing bear/dragon banners(may coordinate with a teammate or 2, cover their poons on purples and they cover yours on x color(s) )

With viv I’d bring tiny manas instead of dotes
2nd smallest health pots


Mono yellow and
Manas healpots bear/dragon poons

How I’d rock it


Oh good point, and great tips. I completely forgot about Wilbur. I only bring Wilbur into the picture against green titans but ya why not any against non blue titan too?!

Thanks @Rigs

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I even brought him against blue when i had no buddy

It’s not like he lowers your score by being red

He lowers your score by not being green, isarnia does too

Just bringin him for the utility of -def and +def

Think people worry too much about the 1 off color

Guess they weren’t around when we all used wu on every color?

Idk. Maybe I’m the crazy one

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Lol fair call. I did something stupid and brought turtle banners. I’m not used to bringing bear banners lol

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I’m sorry if I’m rubbing salt into the wound with this question (in case you haven’t got him), but do you have Wu Kong? Even with his misses he’d be much better than Boldtusk, especially against purple titans.

I’d run Wilbur-Drake-Gretel-Vivica-Wu.


I certainly do! I stopped using Wu a long time ago, for no reason other than he died very quickly and I didn’t have enough mana pots to mana him up.

However I think there could be real utility to doing so, I just have to see how I would juggle that. I suppose with Wilbur around he shouldn’t die so easily.

Thanks for the tip @D_DI

The whole purpose of this exercise is to rub a lot of salt, Dettol and other stuffs into the wound :joy: :rofl:


Didnt even think of that but yup wilbur+wu would be pretty solid


4 Yellows+Isarnia/Wilbur would be best. Banners can replace Boldtusk. Harpoons and Valkyrie’s Bane can eventually replace Isarnia/Wilbur as well once you’re able to craft enough of them, allowing a mono-Yellow team

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Depends on titan level. I’ve tested basically what you have a lot. The team I hit 100k with against 11* was isi wu joon leo viv. If you are hitting higher then wilbur might be better but I don’t have an issue at 11* level with that team. The 2 extra turns isi provides in defense down makes an incredible difference, I’ve tried Wilbur a lot and he just can’t compete agaisnt the scores I produce using isi instead at these lower levels.

Each to their own though

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For me personally I run mono-yellow against purple titans.

I run Jackal, Drake, Rana, Inari & Wu Kong
(also no White Rabbit etc…)

  • I find the extra yellow stack attack makes more impact than putting in an off-colour debuffer like Wilbur or Isarnia…

  • I don’t bother with an attack buffer as that can be achieved using Bear Banners which are cheap & easy to manufacture.

  • if you do get Jackal he goes in immediately (obviously)… I would be tossing probably Vivica tbh (lowest attack stat of the group).

If I were you:

If I were you @FrenziedEye, I would look at:

  1. Putting in a damage buffer (like Wu or Ranvir or Miki) in the place of Boldtusk

    • Can supplement further by adding Bear Banners to your items to give the attack buff.
  2. I would also look at putting in Wilbur for Isarnia if you are wanting the debuff… he gives the benefit of giving you the damage share & defence buff too…

  3. Mostly instead of doing (2) above, I would put Joon in for Issy & just run with the High attack stats…

So in your situation I would run:
Joon -> Wu Kong -> Drake -> Gretel -> Vivica

Items would be:
Axes, Bear Banners, Mana Pots, Special Item (Time Stop, Tornado, Harpoons etc…)


Already answered, but I’d go 4 yellows (including Wu Kong) + defense dropper.

Between Wilbur and Isarnia, it’s personal choice IMO but Wilbur is my preference, he has the advantage of extending your longevity. But his debuff only lasts 4 turns which doesn’t combine as nicely with Wu Kong’s 5 turn buff, and he might miss under Wu’s buff if you try to refresh it. Isarnia by comparison lasts 6 turns, when you need to refresh defense down again it’s easier to coordinate with Wu’s buff duration – but you do sacrifice durability going Isarnia over Wilbur.


Really important consideration. Tbh I’m more of a gung ho person who will go for the dmg rather than survivability, unless it’s a crazy titan

Thanks @DaveCozy, @Guvnor, @Saicheeze


I’m not sure I have a ton to add! Lots of good advice here and I’d say what I was thinking probably most closely aligns with Rigs.

I’d tend to go as many yellows as possible (with Wu in there) + whoever you need based on available items.

For example, maybe you divide your attacks:

  • Isarnia with healing potions, mana potions, dragon banners, and antidotes
  • Wilbur with healing potions, mana potions, bear banners, and antidotes
  • Boldtusk with harpoons, mana potions, turtle banners, and antidotes
  • Maybe even some mono yellow if that’s possible with harpoons, mana potions, healing potions, and antidotes

Or something like that. It doesn’t have to be the exact same team for all attacks, especially if you can’t sustain that with harpoons.


Where’s the monkey?

4 yellow + Isarnia would be my option.

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