Titan still hits when it should be stunned

Several team members have said the same thing, and now it happened to me too, atleast twice during my three hits… three or more tiles hit the critical zone, and still the titan hit straight after. Not a rare so don’t even… I’m not paying anything to craft stuff until i see a resolved tag on this topic!

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I observed it too during my Titan hit on another account. More than 3 tiles hit at weak spot and Titan made a hit straight away.

Is it possible that the tile missed because Ranvir/Wu Kong buff or accuracy debuff from yellow titans?

Another possibility: rare titan won’t be stunned by same color tile.


Can you tell us exactly which titan you were fighting? Like the name of the titan.

Fireblade giant 12* Not using Any hero with a chance of missing… Original post states it was NOT a rare…

Was is it a regular attack or the titian special? I think the Special will still fire even if stunned.

@Garanwyn, @Rook, @Kerridoc. I’m almost positive we already had this conversation going on? Mergey merge?

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Back from Feb 2018:

If you search “Stunned Titan” you will find 4-5 existing threads on the topic, some very old.

I’ve also observed this numerous times over at least the last 3 months on 11 and 12* normal titans (I don’t recall either way for Rare titans). In these cases, no blind or accuracy issues were at play (Wu kong not present or not activated, no accuracy debuff from titan).

Didn’t matter whether the 3 or more tiles hitting the ‘weak’ spot did real damage or were of a missing color (damage=1).

I think there’s probably a RNG component to titan being stunned, so there’s a low % chance it’ll fail to be stunned even when it ‘should’.

stunning successfully will stop them from firing specials too

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