Titan still hits even when hit 3 times in the weak spot



I’ve noticed lately that the Titan will sometimes still hit even after I hit the weak spot with 3 tiles. I could be wrong but I don’t remember that happening before. Is this a bug or something that has always happened? Also my attacks used to average in the high 30k-40ks but now I seem to only average scores in the teens or mid 20ks. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks in advance all.


Are you using Wu in these battles?
Because Wu has a miss chance and if only 2 out 3 are a hit this will not result in a stunn on titan.


Rare titans don’t get stunned by their reflected color. Is this the case?
Or have you started using Wu Kong, as misses don’t count for the stun either.


■■■■ you guys are good! Idk why I didn’t think of that! I have been using him. It all makes perfect sense now. I think that I was so impressed with the scores I was getting with him initially, that I forgot about the misses. I guess it’s been missing more than hitting for me lately.


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Thanks again for the help… that was easier than I thought!