Titan Stats in connection with Titan Scores

So i know this has been visited before but the thread is either buried or gone or porbably outdated.

Anyways I’d like to revisit the topic and hear some thoughts, tests, data, analysis etc(all of which i havent done myself)

What role does star level of a titan play on tile damage?
For example: do 10* have a higher defense than 7* and would that defense decrease the fully buffed tile damage done by heros?

I would like to know as well if the titan’s defense go up with the number of *.

Yes armor is higher @ higher titans. But that’s simply observations.

I’m curious if anyone has some hard evidence to show relatively how high it goes up, since from my experience my damage remains about the same regardless of titan . Board dependent of course but with same buffers and debuffers and color stacking, i can hit a 10 for same amount as i hit a 7*

My understanding was always that yes attack, defense, and health all 3 go up as * rating goes up

But attack and health go up more than the defense which is what makes the titans harder to take down since they start with more health and kill heros easier

I hit a 10* and 7* back to back the other day, same team composition, same color, and did 65k on the 10 and 57k on the 7. Of course these were both 1 hits so not definitive at all, but pretty close together in damage considering the titans were 3* apart . next time i go mercing, I’ll snag some screenshots and vids

You should not compare your overall damage but your single tile damage. Then you can see the difference better.

Lol yes i know this but single tile damage makes up total damage and so far total damage is all i had to go on based on no videos or screenshots, just a starting point

Ye but testing like this is easy you dont need screenshots… go 4-1 setup lets say on a red titan and the solo color is yellow (wu). Now go against red 10* and compare yellow tile damage, once with all buffs/debuffs and once without all of it to another 5* red titan. You will see the difference… how big it is? No idea man and in the end - it doesnt matter at all :smiley:

Lol i like havin proof to back up the numbers though. And you’re right it probably doesn’t matter, but it gets brought up enough that I’d like to have an answer. And I’m 90% positive there are people out there who have been collecting data and number crunching but just havent seen this thread yet

My reason for visiting this thread is I was hoping to find out if there’s anywhere to view attack and defense stats for the various titans. It appears there is not. I’m not thinking it would mean a great deal in the overall scheme of things, I was just curious. I guess I must be content with knowing that if they hit me and it kills or nearly kills my hero the attack stat must be high. Conversely, if I hit them with my best shot and they laugh at me, defense must be high.

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Let me resurrect this topic as I have a related question.
Does anyone have an aggregated data on particular titan’s stat ranges (per star, per titan type)?

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