Titan Stars error / Unexpected Titan Star Rating

So our alliance is running through an issue with the rank of Titans we are fight. Unfortunately I don’t know the exact specifics of ranks we have fought recently but I do know the basics. We beat 2-3 6* titans and rose up to a 7* titan. Lost to two 7* titans in a row then dropped all the way to 5* titans. We beat 4-5 in a row then it jumped us all the way back to 7* titans. Why do we keep skipping the 6* Titans? We now have the path of valor quest to beat 6* and up but are only getting 7* which are very difficult for our alliance to beat and 5s. 6s are tough but manageable for our alliance.


Just a quick note that I’ll cross-post regarding Titan Stars & appearance:

Titans appearing with unexpected higher stars

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Our alliance is capable of doing 10* titans and 9* blue titans

19 days ago a 11* went running away with 40% hp left. Our next titan was another 11*

2 days ago we defeated a 10* titan with 1,5h left on the timer. We were greeted by a 12* titan.
Needless to say we were outmatched, and went down to a 11* titan today

all seems a bit buggy in the algoritm if you ask me.
If not a bug, it would be nice to understand how this happened

My friend I have some bad news for you

This isn’t a bug.

You can skip a star when you defeat a Titan

And also, when you lose to a Titan there is only a chance you go down a star.

Soooo. Basically. You’re a little at the game’s mercy here.

Good luck.


Been reading through the thread and only can conclude that this happened before.

I do see how “titans killed quickly” may be badly programmed and titans killed slowly count as fast instead in which case it’s a bug

Yeah I don’t have a better source to cite as “proof” that “this happens and is intended.” Two of the people in there saying it is so are very knowledgeable and I took their word as gospel. We will see if anyone else here can confirm this or otherwise comment :slight_smile:

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It has happened to my alliance as well (titan skipping a level)


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Feel free to vote for Time to remove the Titan randomness

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