Titan star level for loot

Does the titan loot improve with difficulty of Titans? Or is it random for hard to find items and ascension items?

I usually finish 1-3 place and receive A loot but always receive a token and items I can get farming and a few gems. Haven’t received ascension items in the titan chest either.

Currently I am in an alliance that can’t get past 6 star titans. Unfortunately Only a little more than half my alliance consistently contributes. So if possibility of rare or ascension items is more often in higher star Titans, I was thinking of leaving my alliance to one that fights higher level Titans.

So there are better items in the higher loot tiers and which tier you get depends on your ranking and the titan being faced. If memory serves, the loot tier is equal to the titan level then is adjusted as follows:

A+ +3 tiers
A +2 tiers
B +1 tier
C no change

HOWEVER, its still a luck game, as the higher tiers still contain a lot of low level items and which item you get is randomly selected. So yes, higher tiers give you better odds at getting good items but is by no means a sure thing.

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I am not an expert on titan loot - been getting mostly junk at A+ and A for 7* and 8* titans, and sometimes got lucky at B - but I can give you one piece of advice:

If you enjoy the game and if you wish to advance in the game, then an alliance where only half the people hit the titan regularly is not the right place for you.

If you wish to advance in the game, then get the h*** out of dodge and find an alliance that is more team oriented and which is more committed to killing the titan.

The 5 titan chest gives decent loot sometimes. And to get this, you have to kill 5 titans :slight_smile:

Best of luck to you!

there is a summary on titan loot.


supposedly it is totally random in my alliance we killed 4 Titans of 10 * in a row and the rewards for me were very bad. I consider it very unfair how chance works in this game

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Yes, the higher the titans are the more chance you have on good loot.

While you can still get ascension mats from about 7-8* titans semi regularly (in the top positions) - it becomes a lot better when you start killing 10* titans regularly (for all positions).

It makes sense too when you look at the tiered system. A ‘C’ rank on a 10* titan is loot tier 10. This is the same as the A+ rank on a 7* titan. In my experience the loot from 10* titans is a lot better. You don’t always get lucky (so if you kill 4 in a row you can get unlucky), but the alliance I’m in beats 10s continuously and we notice they give out about 10 unfarmable materials in total per kill (estimate, not everyone always shares what they get). Sometimes more, sometimes less (or lack of communicating the rewards). Sometimes 4 mats, mostly (unfarmable) 3* stuff.

There is absolutely benefit into searching for a more active alliance and beating higher titans, if you care about progressing in the game.

If you’re looking for a big group where you can grow internally - feel free to hit up the mixed nuts family. If you have any specific questions you can usually find a couple of us in the peer support chat :slight_smile:


you want to say that the game fair and balanced with the rewards of the titan?

Don’t think i said that no, that’s a different discussion for a different topic.

I answered the question of Dawnsky; does titan loot improve with difficulty of titans? yes.


with that I agree the rewards improve according to the level of the titan unque sipre it has to have the luck of its side so that it gains something important

As the star of the titan gets higher, start removing things from the loot pool, like wooden shields, arcane scripts, and sharpening stones. For example, anyone fighting a 7 star or higher obviously has absolutely no use for them.


Now that is a brilliant idea!
I am not the only one who is tired of getting such stuff from beating a titan.

oh goodness … that is what I feared …

So if a player wants to get decent loot regularly, it would mean leaving your home, your wonderful, friendly, helpful “normal” alliance (98k alliance points as we speak), the fun, the witty chat, the people, everything?

To join a powerful top 100 alliance? Which, I heard from several people including a 4000+ ts player, are full of stress and pressure to perform. Like a job, but without the money :frowning:

At least in Germany. (!)
I am not sure about other countries.
But then, a player from e.g. Germany, would be out of their time zone. (been there, done that. in another game.)

Thank you for your reply.
So, for a 3800+ts player from Germany, the choice would be:

  1. progress quickly and sacrifice everything that you enjoy in the game. or
  2. decide to progress more slowly, and keep doing what you enjoy.

You just helped me make up my mind. Thank you!

For me, the choice is number 2.

… sorry for the tone of this posting. I am usually more cheerful. But the prospect of having to give up everything that I enjoy in this game - if I desire to advance faster - is nothing to be cheerful about. Thankfully, there is a choice. .


Lol, up to a certain extend yes.

A couple of remarks though:

  • 1: hey, who says higher alliances can’t be ‘normal’, or fun,witty everything? :angry:
  • 2: some alliances kill high titans but aren’t competitive in other aspects (such as cup requirements) and arent in the top 100… I happen to know one or 2 :smiley:
  • 3: I’ve gotten most the materials i really needed from lower lvl titans than 10*. I personally enjoy the competition in titan hits and taking down the stronger ones, but it is not exactly casual (wouldn’t say its like a job either - all we ask is to hit the titans a lot and hard, which takes a couple mins of your day :smiley: )

Glad I could help - hope it doesn’t demotivate you too much! It was meant as a motivation for people to strive towards better titans haha!


Thanks so much! Great advice!

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Thanks Loorts, Great advice and very helpful. It is a tough choice…I very much like my alliance but I would like to advance in the game faster as well. Frankly it’s frustrating seeing a Titan escape when if more people helped it would be a piece of cake.

exactly - I noticed the difference when I was in 7Dreborn and we starting taking down 8* regularly. generally 4-6 people got non-farmable ascension materials. Slightly more than that on 9s and 10s.

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We saw a difference on 7*…though 8* seems to be the consensus here.

may very well be… I jumped from my starter alliance fighting 4-5* to 7D Reborn, which at the time was finishing up 7s and moved to 8s quickly. Didn’t spend a lot of time there. MY alt is on 7s primarily now and there’s a few who get ascension mats.


I do apologize. I most certainly did not mean to offend you. That was not my intention.

As a person who lives in Germany and plays the game in German language, I can only say what I was told about the top alliances in my own country. And I was told, repeatedly, that being a member there is like Basic Training in the Armed Forces. …

It may be different in other countries.
But in that case, there is the time zone to consider.

Again, I apologize if I offended you.


Well, like I said above, if half your alliance is made up of slackers who do not hit the titan, then - to my mind - it is high time for you to find a nice team-oriented alliance that does kill their titans :slight_smile:

There are alliances for every playing style, every preference.

It may be a good idea to talk to the recruiter in line … or another chat program … and find out if what they offer is right for you.

Good luck!


Haha no worries! It’s all tongue in cheek, i’m just messing with you :slight_smile:

I’ll instantly admit I don’t know too much about the german alliances. But I’m in a global alliance myself and I know there’s a lot of alliances that have a mix of europeans and americans, canadians and aussies (mostly).

Hope you can find a good fit (if you’re going to look for one), or that you’ll have fun and still get the stuff you need faster than you expect :slight_smile: You most certainly didn’t offend me :smiley:


glad to hear that, dear! :slight_smile:

I think I will stay put.
Our alliance is the best that I can possibly wish for. I am very happy there and everything is great.

In addition, our members with lower team strength are making good progress. Given a little time, we can all progress and grow … together. :slight_smile:

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