Titan special attack

Why is it the majority of titans regular attacks are twice as strong, if not in some cases closer to three times as strong, as their special? This makes no sense to me. Not being a regular gamer or have gamer friends is compounding my efforts for ideas. So whail away if you want about being a cry baby or not posting video proof, you can just take the nanosecond needed in your next battle to see for yourself. But at least leave an idea or definitive answer.

The special attacks are AOE. The regular attacks target a single hero.

In general AOE attacks are weaker per hero b/c if they weren’t they would be tremendously over powered. When fighting 11/12* titans, a single titan special would end up taking out your entire team of maxed 5* at times.

I have no idea what that acronym is sorry, tried looking it up with Google but got nowhere. Still does not explain to me why the special attack is weaker than the regular. Especially since the regular attacks happen every move unless you can stun. What’s the point of the titan having a special if it can eliminate teams with 5 regular hits?

AoE means area of effect which means a spell or special that hits all of your heroes whereas the single regular attacks only hit 1 hero. Basically the special is spread out damage to everybody the single attack is concentrated damage to one target, which makes sense. Titans are suppose to be an epic battle to take down a gigantic beast along with your alliance members so expect them to be hard. Try using arrows or axes/bombs or defense up specials/turtle/dragon banners to lessen the impact of the titan attacks if you have to.

It would be GREAT if the titan special skill doesn’t take up to 5 sec to trigger. 5 special skills during 90 seconds is 25 seconds wasted!!

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