Titan special attack animation


Please allow us to keep attacking the titan while he is using his special attack on us. The animation takes 2-3 seconds at which time we can’t do anything but wait which is quite annoying.


+1 on this.
Also scrap the hero special animations on titan fights.
Those combined with the above post can mean a 10% + time lose.



Most annoying part in titan battles…


Agree with Jazz and others :+1:

Let’s keep titan levels fast & furious as they should be :grinning: I personally hate it, when say with 10 seconds left and I have triggered tile combo chains resulting in the manas filling up for most of my heroes and the titan as well. Now down to 6-7 seconds and At this point when the titan fires it’s special the screen is almost like locked. I mean it takes away good 3 seconds or so preventing us from using either the battle items or triggering our hero specials, which is crucial for making points before the level times out.

Not just because of the tight finish scenario mentioned above but in general, as this titan hunt is timebound, anything aesthetic / visual that slows us down should be low priority. So imho this titan animation issue definitely needs some fixing.
Now let’s hope more people agree and vote for this :sunglasses:


How about we get a cheap shot like the titan gets in that instance? I LOL’d the first time the time ran out and the titan still hit me. So funny.



not to mention on older phones or weaker phones the animations and everything HD make the game really slow and unplayable. have in the settings lower quality and animation on and off switch.


I always thought that the clock should simply pause during attack animations. Maybe for the challenge event too… hey I wonder if there’s a strategic way to make teams of heroes that are strong and have good abilities but quick attack animations!

Also think they should have a low quality option, that would help some folks out.