Titan Special Animation Waste

Yes, I know this has been brought up before, but this issue is so annoying it deserves its own forum section.

It. Is. Too. Slow.

Leave the fancy animation, just let us get on with the actual game play. Just like you did with the hero specials, so it can be done. Its like 3s wasted 3-4 times per hit. And countless gray hairs and blood pressure spikes.

Titans are a core activity, one of the few where I feel I need to be on my toes and actually perform. And the animation lock out just annoys me every time, to no end.

Yes, I know we can run Merlin. (Who isnt available to all)

Yes, I know we can run Natalya. (Who definately isnt available to all)

Yes, I know we can run any of the other sub-par-mana-reduce/removers. (But honestly, who wants them on their titan team unless running 3-4x of the same color)

Long story short!
Remove the titan special animation time “lock out” or make it faster. Now it just sucks!

Happy friday peeps!


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