TITAN SLAYERS - 9 and 10`* titans - Need 3 new players

Titan slayers needs 3 new players. We fight 8-9 and sometimes 10* titans.

It is a very funny and helpful alliance.

Join us. We are ranking top 50.

Need to be 2200+ or at least a hungry player on the way to the top!



I might be interested. I sent Dagi a message on FB.

Hey there I am interested and in joining your alliance. I have only been playing about 3 months but have out grown the alliance im in.

I play daily never miss titans have tp of 3400 or more depending on the line up. Trophies are around 2000 to 2300 depending on the day.

Also have a friend that would like to come with me

Thanks Jgreat

If you are active and have ambitions we will take you in.

It would be a plus if you have some 5* heroes and possibility to reach 2400-2500 trophies.

We currently have 3 emty places.

Just killed a 8* titan with 6 hours left…

I have replied to it. Hoping you will join us.

Thank you for the reply. I have 15 5 star heroes but taking time to level them. Getting to the cup requirements should not be an issue if given time to level chars if you know what I mean lol

My current alliance is die a hero.

Also my friend Chaco man would like to join also. I will have him give you a shout.

I will leave my alliance now


James Vibbert

Looking forward to you joining our alliance.

Good morning Dagi. I believe my timer is up to join. Ready when you are.


James Vibbert

I have 2078 cups, my highest was 2518. I forget to change my titan team lineup and drop cups at times. I’m definitely an active player. I have several 5* heroes and look forward too taking down titans.

We are ready for you. Join us!

Sounds good. Join us!

Thank you, hopefully after this 10 1/2 wait you’ll still have a slot open!

The join button is not active


James Vibbert

Try now… fixed it i think

Looking to get in touch with the current leaders of Titan Slayers for War fun! :wink:

I’ll let Dale76 know.