Titan skipped levels

I’m in a one man alliance, so I usually fight 2* titans. Sometimes I can handle a 3* on my owned, but most of them escape. Now this happened:

I had killed three 2* titans, then I got a 3* titan and I beat that one as well. Next came… a 5* special? That can’t be right?

Not wanting to spend multiple flasks on it after the tiles let me down three attacks in a row (I did consider it before that happened) I let it go. The problem is that the next one is a 4* and there’s no way I can handle that either. After that I expect a 3* (though that’s not certain at all, it might be yet another 4*) and the 3* I can only handle with a bit of luck in the tiles I’m getting, so this bug spawned a whole series of titans that I can’t win.

If it happens and a lot especially if the system takes that you can handle the titans I think it depends on the last titan if the system takes that you killed him easy the next one can be much higher, or if you kill several in a row the system understands that you can with more then try to go up fast to get settled


It’s not a bug, actually. There is always a small chance that your titans can possibly skip a level, especially at the lower levels.

It is annoying for sure, though. Unless you just started a brand new alliance with a bunch of players and you are all trying to move up in titan levels, generally speaking, an already established alliance has a set titan level that they are capable of taking down… but while an alliance that regularly takes down 5s might be able to handle a 6 on a good day, they probably can’t handle a 7. Not sure why the game would think that they could… if they could handle 2 stars higher, they would already be fighting 2 stars higher.


@TGW you probably know what you’re talking about, but I’ve never ever seen this happen before, in almost three years of daily gameplay.

And I agree, why anybody would purposely built this in is beyond me too.

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I could somewhat follow that logic. I was lucky with the 3* in that I got some good scores and I could kill it with one or two attacks to spare (starting out with three when it appeared). But then, this 3* was in the lower 300k region. The 5* special was 880k. That is somewhat of an over optimistic jump :flushed:. If I would reach my topscore with each attack I still wouldn’t make it.

I’ve been in something like 5 or 6 different alliances over the years, including a few I started myself. Occasionally a new alliance will start off with 1* titans, get 5 of those in a row before moving up to 2*, then getting three 2 stars in a row before moving up to 3*… then suddenly jumping from a 3 to a 5.

It doesn’t happen often; I think I’ve only witnessed it twice in 2 and 1/2 years… but it can happen.

And for full disclosure: I have more than 1 account… and I oftentimes use my lower level alts to start new alliances to help onboard lower level players. Hence the multiple alliances. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have seen alliances that are formed with powerful players or are filled very quickly that go from 1 * titans to 9 very quickly skipping some, especially when the titans that appear kill them in a very short time and in a row this implies algorithms that you can handle more powerful
If a titan of a star you kill him in less than an hour and the next the same and also other members do not use your shots the safest thing that after the third titan you jump titans in fact in my alliances we kill 8 after 9 and maybe the next one appears 11 or even 12 * and it is something common that happens

Yeah, I think it’s more common to happen when your alliance easily kills all the titans.

Like when I first formed my current alliance, our members were already easily capable of killing 5s, but the game made us start with 1s. We killed those quickly, then we killed the 2s quickly, then we killed the 3s quickly… then it skipped us up to 5s.

I think (just a theory, I’m not positive about this) that the game is more likely to skip a titan level if your alliance is quickly and easily killing the ones you are currently facing.

Just a small update here. Apparently this works both ways. After the 5* special I did indeed get a 4*, but after I let that one go, the next one was a 2*. That makes it a little more okay than I thought.

Hm, interesting… As you might not have killed the 2* and 3* very fast as a one man alliance, i am not sure whether the algorithm should jump to a 5* due to the aforementioned fast kill argument.
What makes me worry a little is the fact that the 5* that appeared was a rare titan. As far as i know, they only appear from 5* upwards. So maybe there is some crude logic to send you this ‘present’ of a rare titan? Otherwise it might be a minor glitch in the rare titan appearance logic, SG might look into?! @Saanzi @Petri

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