Titan shield - useless?

So, yesterday my Alliance was fighting a 10* Kraken, blue titan. As I saw his mana bar getting full, I quickly deployed 2 Titan shields on positions 2 and 4, so that all my heroes were protected and would throw back 100% of the damage and all status effects. As it is promised in the description.

The mana fill comes, the Kraken charges his SF and I eagerly await the dent he’s going to make into his health bar. He fires… and takes 192 damage (and the defense debuff). 192! That’s basically 1 green tile in my setup.

Needless to say, later his attacks on me made 700+ damage each. But with the SF he only dealt 192 to himself.

What kind of bug or betrayal is that?

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Any other buffs active?

My guess would be if you had any defense buffs active then it decreased the damage the titan dealt which decreased the damage the titan recieved

But not 100% sure that could be the case with a reflect, i know riposte would work that way

@Kerridoc any insight on this?

No buffs or debuffs. Was just getting ready to fire my SF, but he was faster

Maybe Wilbur or Aegir active?

No, wilbur was changed but only ready to fire.

You need to use them the right way. The weaker the hero, the higher the reflect dmg


Without video/ photos, hard to analyze.

Often normal titan specials do less damage than I expect, but the special skill debuff is the most annoying part.

It is always interesting to have part of a team with counterattack and part with Titanium shield and part with both.

Since shield prevents damage, it negates counterattack.

Since shield negates damage, the display does not reveal which hero is reflecting which damage.

Having tested Titanium shield, I use it more as a shield ( 100% damage protection, 100% debuff production) than as damage to enemy ( 100% damage reflect ).

Does Kraken debuff first, then damage like Kageburado or damage first then debuff like Grimm?

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that is true. The shields don’t work a 100 percent. The damage that it cause to the titan is minimum. i see minimum damages as if it was a regular counterattack.

I’ve made a few of these shields entirely for rare titans. I want those special effects bounced onto my team (riposte, status shield, etc.)

Using a specialized ultra-weak team results in huge hits but at unsustainable cost.


I saw a video of someone using 3 1* at 1.1 I think with the shield against a huge titan and got a 60k hit from reflected damage.
Im not quite sure about your statwment about the status effects reflecting to you. On a rare titan or any really, how would the shield give you the titans skills if it reflects. I just learned that it won’t reflect reflected damage as I tried to use it on a yellow to protect wu Kong. Maybe I need to reread how it works. I thought it was basically like having a 3 hero umbrella that bounced things back not that it could take and give to the heroes. Thanks in advance as I’m likely misreading your post or misunderstanding the shield. Time for some 1,3,7 tri-methyl xanthine. Mmmm …go ahead Google it…lol.

Reflect doesn’t give you the buffs the titan casts, but rather inflects the ailments it was trying to cast on you on it instead.

I don’t think it’s useless. It’s quite expensive tou… When you can start use this quind of combination. Only 3 atackers and the lowest troops and heros… My atack. Normally it’s all ± the same amount of damage.

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