Titan selection

10 of our last 22 titans have been blue. What is going on?!?! King of the north has been fighting 11* titans for a while now and 10 of the past 22 have been blue. Surely this isn’t normal. Help?

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I’m wondering the same thing. Three of the last four titans have been blue. And wouldn’t you know it, another blue titan has spawned?!? What are the odds of 4 out of the last five titans being blue?

10* Ice hammer
10* fire blade giant
11* rare unicorn
11* Kraken - released
10* Kraken (currently) edit - released
10* Fire blade (currently)
10* Gorgon Queen
10* Fire Dragon
11* Kraken (currently)

Blue, red, blue, blue, blue, red, green, red, blue…

There are four other elements Again, some variety would be appreciated. I wonder, @eddard did things get better?

@Bella99, @Humongous_Dancer - turns out we’re not the only ones :confounded:

After the first of June when Ranvir was an Hero af the month we did not have any purple titans for long time. May be it was whole month. But we cannot confirm same titan colour.

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We were stuck on red titans for over a week … it does get rather boring :frowning:

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Now analyzing the same thing happens to us, we see more the blue ones lately

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