Titan Scorrree

After using all ur titan tickets, u should be able to view top score without having to go to map first.

That’s already possible. You can find “your” titan also in your alliance section and have a view on top or latest scores.

When you are finish whit an atack on titan you can see this round score and the name on who is on topp score list on the titan. then you have two buttons " atack again" and “go to map”.

What I think is asked for is the third butten “go to best attackers”

so you don’t have to map and then again go on titan again to check how high up you got on your atacks.

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I really don’t understand the problem. There is no need to go to the map - neither to attack the titan, nor to see the latest scores. You can see everything in the alliance section named “titans”. Why do you need an extra button for this, although everything you ask for is already there?

It’s just a usability feature.

I’ve actually noticed the multi-step process to do exactly what the OP is mentioning… and if it’s something I take note of then it’s arguably something that could be done better from a UI perspective.

It’s not an unreasonable request to make even if it’s a small one admittedly.

Then the aspect that I didn’t take note of anything problematic might be the reason why I don’t understand the problem. :wink:

By the way, what’s “UI”?

User Interface, sorry geeky shorthand

When you are in this picture it is wanted a new button to get to next picture, that is wher I could wanted a new button.

then you do not need to go via map to get to alliance and then Titan.


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