Titan score UI bug


Minor UI bug:

This probably applies to leaderboard issues in general but it appears your presumed caches are misbehaving. I don’t have pictures unfortunately. Times in PST, alliance Seven Days Departed, IGN Revelate.

9/4/17 10:44 Titan Score 59897
9/4/17 11:30 10* Kill, Titan Score 63987 (4k for a 10* kill is consistent with what we have seen previously on some other 10*'s)
9/4/17 ~18:25 Titan Score 59897 (At first I thought a titan had decayed)
9/4/17 18:30 Kill and restart of game client, Titan Score 60702

Presumably the last result is a true value, we killed a 10, and an almost assuredly smaller titan fell off the table… the problem is that interstitial score pulled before killing the app and restarting it as that value should not exist anywhere either on the client or backend infrastructure at that point which suggests if you’re using cached values (pretty certain you are based on behavior in game) it’s getting out of sync.

I don’t know if this is new to 1.6 or not, haven’t really been tracking Titan scoring previously.

@Vivenna I think this may be what you guys ran into as well, an old cached value on your escape.


Happened again, I didn’t think to take the first screen shot unfortunately.


From my tracking sheet, 4k increase as expected for a Volcanic 10* kill

At 12:29 pm PST

After killed and restarted client (IOS)


Nice catch. When I first started reading the post, I thought it would be another post where the person did not know about the Score drop when a new titan spawns.



I’m 99% confident they run something like memcached or similar proxy solution which is caching content from their database; just incorrect (old) values were being cached which suggested a synchronization issue.

I’m actually somewhat of the opinion now as I’ve seen many similar issues over the last 4 months (where a kill app and restart will fix it, forcing the refresh) that this isn’t something just specific to titan scoring though that was the one that I clearly caught which wasn’t right… but something more general to their infrastructure. Chat issues, offer issues, other cup ranking issues, etc.

Might get fixed eventually, might not, none of them are really game play impacting and if you care enough about such things as above, then restarting an app isn’t a big deal. I’m pretty certain that’s a Pavlovian response for some of us these days anyway haha.

Oh and actually, the score drop (decay) time isn’t with a new titan spawning, near as I can tell without trying to religiously track it, it simply tracks on a 24h based clock; my guess at this point is at the alliance creation time but short of trying to create a new alliance and track that not sure how to go about that. I guess that’s something I could try on beta in my copious spare time currently.


Well, keep me updated. We noted that our Alliance score always drops when a new titan spawns and then when it is defeated, raises higher than before.


Refresh it throughout the day (kill app and restart before looking) and I think you’ll see it’s not tied to new spawn.