Titan score shown like in Mythic Titan

I know this would help regulate individual titan hits if we could see a running score when attacking a titan. It would be similar to what we have with the Mythic Titan. When I say regulate the individual hits, I mean to make sure that people hit and stay within a certain range to allow enough health so that others can get hits in while getting a decent score for ranking, i.e. 3%. As it is, if you want to limit your damage during an attack, you kind of have to guess.

I’ve wanted this for a while. It won’t change much, but it’s just something I want to know.

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Yeah, I don’t know how many people would find it useful, but I figured I’d throw it out there. Considering we have that capability with Mythic Titans, you’d think it wouldn’t be too difficult to apply to regular titans. Maybe it’s not worth the effort but it’s one of the QoL things.

I’d like to see this implemented too, we kill our titans within 12 hrs and have a limit until ffa at the 12 hr mark, seeing how your hit is going let’s you stop when you reach the level so all team mates get a fair chance to hit.

Well said. I’m in the same boat.

Why not add the total damage done that hit? Plenty of room and it can’t hurt anything.

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Super useful! We need to know who is engaged with the event as well and attacking… Mythic titan as lacking this tool that other events have thar allow us to track who os playing the event and who isn’t or who is late to begin.