Titan score not adding up propperly

So I’ve noticed lately my titan scores are a lot less than before, even though I’m using the same team only stronger, upgrading talent grid and troops, so before, my attacks were ranging between 30-50 thousand now it’s in the region of 18-30 thousand and our alliance seems to be stuck on 7* titans, my attacking team power is 3900+ and there have even been attacks as low as 12000, people in my alliance with teams as low as 3200 are getting way better scores, is it because I’ve been top scorer for the past year that im getting crappy boards or is it not adding up my score properly

There are different levels of titans within the star rating. Your alliance is probably fighting the harder 7* titans so it’s affecting your scores.

Here’s some thoughts:

  1. If your alliance is tired of getting lower scores, skip a couple titans. This will drop you to a lower ranked titan (possibly to a 6* even) and your scores should improve. I don’t suggest this course of action and the drop rate of mats increases with higher titans.
  2. Acknowledge that your alliance is getting stronger, fighting stronger titans and your titan scores are reflecting that.
  3. Change up your attack teams to see if there’s a better setup. This may improve your scores.

Hope some of this helps.

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Could be boards, could be titan level, could be specific titan colors, maybe you’re not making as many matches as before (due to subconsciously using a different matching strategy, or slower reflexes, or slower internet connection), using either too many or not enough items, etc. There are many different reasons why your scores may vary from one titan to the next.

My alliance is currently fighting 5* and occasionally 6* titans, sometimes I average 35-50k per hit, other times I average 20-30. Depends on the individual titan. My hero roster is stronger vs. certain colors, for one. Then you have to consider that each titan has different defense stats and special skills (the ones that blind you are likely to reduce your score, even if you bring antidotes, because using an antidote takes up a tiny chunk of time when you could be attacking), even something as silly as animation time can cost you points (I hate titans with really long drawn out attack animations, just makes the need to stun them even greater).

Definitely always go for the stuns whenever possible, hitting the weak point with 3 tiles will probably net you more damage than a minor combo on other parts of the board (especially if part of that combo consists of weak color tiles). And yeah, try different heroes if the ones you’re using aren’t working. If I go in on my first attack, get a halfway decent board but a less than stellar score, I might try to switch up my team for the next one. If it’s just a bad board, it’s a bad board, I keep the same roster and try again. It’s not unusual for me to get 45k on one hit, then 25k on the next hit, or vice versa. It happens. :man_shrugging:

We’ve been stuck on 7* titans for a while, I’m a level 47 player, have a pretty good handle on how titans work, I don’t use special potions just antidotes, as I’ve said I’ve noticed a drastic drop in points on the same titans, I’ve a 500 Meg broadband connection so connectivity isn’t an issue, even with 10-12 hit combos on titan I still come out with really low score, I also have a large maxed out hero pool to choose from for individual titans, just in the past month overall score has been pretty low, I used to be doing 250000 damage by end of titan, now I’m lucky to break 150000, sometimes get the odd 190000.

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Hmm. Maybe they’ve changed the titan algorithms or something? I know a while back, some people were complaining that they got rid of the 12+ titans… maybe SG just decided to make existing titans harder to kill instead. :man_shrugging:

I don’t know, honestly. I do know that my titan scores have gone up significantly from where they were 6 months ago, but then my bench has also progressed quite a bit since then, so I can’t really say for sure whether or not anything has changed on the titans’ end.

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Hit yet another 7* titan today 20000 first attack 15000 second and 20000 on the last with a team of 4000 power, I even tried putting wu Kong on my titan team to see if that would help, for the 2nd attack, my team was tirbirtis, wu, magni, aslar, and elcanan, all maxed out and pretty high on the talent grids too, my boards don’t seem any different than before just the scores

You do know that higher titans have bigger defences?
Thus resulting in lower scores with the same hero’s?

My guess is I’ve been top of the leader board on titans for the past year that the algorithm has been changed to give other members a chance, as in giving me more of the weaker tiles everytime and increasing the stronger tiles for the other members of the alliance, we’re still destroying the titans, I just think it’s crappy that I’m being penalised for being the strongest player in the alliance, when we get the odd 8* I do fantastic against it 30-40 thousand each attack (we have no chance of beating an 8* titan yet) then when we drop back to the 7* my score drops too, its starting to get a bit frustrating tbh

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