Titan Score Matching for AW [Poll]

Please choose one answer from the first two options, and one option from the last three when you vote.

  • My latest war was an even match
  • My latest war was a landslide for/against my alliance
  • I’m happy with the current matching mechanics
  • I am indifferent on the change to the matching mechanics
  • I’m not satisfied with the current matching mechanics

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I’m honestly not sure whether matching based on the titan score will allow for my alliance to continue to enjoy the new feature. Before the change we had gone 2 wins 2 losses, after this change my alliance lost by a meager 76 points. That may not seem like a lot - so to clarify I have a screenshot:

My alliance is a casual group, and because roster strength still isn’t the measure by which matchings are made… our top 5/6 players whom carry our alliance through 5* titan fights only managed to get so far in the war. If matches continue to pit my alliance of casual beginners against teams where participation in the titan fights is the only way they manage - the average score for those you don’t see on that list will continue to be 53 points over six war flags. That kind of result when their teams consistently get wiped out is only going to continue to drop morale - and honestly I didn’t even feel that challenged this war to reach my goal of 300 points for the first time. I grew accustomed to gaining 120ish points over 2 flags against people in my range, however no one in the opposing alliance offered me a chance at more than 86 for a team.

I understand that a simple solution is what the developers are after, however don’t think they realize just how lopsided matching will continue to be off just a single metric. I’m interested in the feedback and felt that perhaps a poll instead of just a hundred threads complaining on the matter may help them see things clearer.

Thanks for your participation and feedback, if nothing else know that I’ll be reading it =)

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I feel that the AWs are a work in progress. I am fairly certain tweaks will be made in the coming weeks. I have participated in three AWs and sat one out by not putting in defense teams. My alliance consists of my level 38 main game and three little played alternate accounts which were created to get some extra points on titans that I could not quite take down by myself; So, in other words, the alt accounts have no bench depth whatsoever, lol.

In all three wars, the match seemed off, but I won all three by a lot.

On your poll choices I picked “indifferent”. I am not quite happy with the matching as it is, but I am not unhappy with it either. I am not really indifferent, but it was the closest. I still think a little tweaking might be in order.


As a fairly new player so far alliance war for me has been pretty fun. I mean you don’t lose anything by participating and sometimes you get ascension items when you win. My alliance has won some, lost some, but we are currently testing out different strategies. Overall though I’m having fun leveling my bench for the next war as I wait on ascension items.


I am not happy with the new matching system at all. While our alliance won all five previous battles … some close calls, but we did it … we were pulverized this time.

We got matched with a very strong alliance with quite a number of huge players, and we did not have an ice cube’s chance in h***.

Taking down 9* titans reliably does not necessarily mean that all alliance members are big huge players with a big huge choice of serviceable heroes.

And doing six attacks for the prize of one backpack and a few herbs is not exactly worth the trouble.

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My alliance Misfit Toys has won five, lost one…won by 800 points at the most, 200 points at the least, most in between.

I agree I don’t think SG matching is finished or perfect, but I’m not miserable so far.

P.S. We have players getting ascension items here and there; if I’m willing to kill Titans daily for farmable items, what’s the difference for war? And I spend more time weekly on Titans… :wink:


While I agree, the problem I was bringing up was that the way matching works presently my alliance with 5 people whose best team is under 2k team power… Can still matched against an alliance whose weakest team is 2400 team power. It’s just a morale killer when you get that one chance to make a difference and the other 5 flags will get them between 0 and 25 points total.

Against a titan they may still feel at a loss but they’re not excluded from reusing the only decent heroes they have in that 23 hour window. I’m not complaining on my behalf believe it or not.


I am in a medium alliance (~100k) and a weak alliance (~50k). The strong alliance we are 4 wins to 1 loss all within 200 pts. These are very fun wars and have me in suspence to the end. The weak alliance we crush the oppenents. It is not fun at all for me (and I can’t even immagine what it is like for them).

So from my limited experience, the matching is working better for the good teams than the weak teams. I don’t know if this observation helps, but I thought that I would add it.


So youre complaining that you had a close match?

Lol my complaint is that 20 members in my alliance had no one to hit because they were too weak, 6 people enjoyed it, and I wasn’t challenged enough.

I even voted that it was an even match, but until the metric is changed so that roster strength is taken into account… It’s only going to progress towards a point that 7 of us bother to participate because the folks still learning in my alliance are too disheartened to even try.

I mean I could leave the alliance so they can only manage to beat 4* titans… That would match them as evenly as possible with the current game design. But then they’d be upset that titans always escape and loot is horrible and there would be no one left to give advice to them. Would that be the best course of action here?

My alliance won all wars so far. Only one was close, the others were a landslide. The last war, after titan score we won by 500 pts, even with 3 players not participating. They had about the same titan score as ours, but their defense line was not high. I imagine there are many variables to titan scoring, like if they used mercs and flasks to finish.
Also, those numbers do not reflect their hero capability.

Weird. My alts attacks 3 and 4* heros with unlevelled 2* heros. Nothing prevents me frI’m doing this. Sometimes I won, sometimes I lose, sometimes I knock out the tank, sometimes I just impart a small amount of damage. But every attack gains me and my alliance points and helps us

No, I love the suspense of the close matches. It forces us to work together and in general is quite enjoyable.

My point was that the matching seems to not be as good for the baby alliance and that alliance war is not fun and we won. I imagine the other team had an even worse time. It seems like others in the group are echoing this sentiment that AW needs to be tweaked for the weaker teams.

As aforementioned, my alliance is a group of casuals who are still learning. 4 different people managed to get a 0 score by giving a team with just a rigard left enough mp to heal for more damage than he took. So part of it is a training issue in trying to address in order for them to grow.

But as I also said earlier, many in my alliance barely have a team of fully leveled heroes to begin with, which for some includes maxed out 2* heroes. When their one team has a power of less than 2k… Are you saying I should make the expectation for them to keep 25 level 2 heroes?

Look I’m not arguing that it is hard to have fun in the game… Just that before when Cups did matter my alliance actually randomly came across 2 alliances we could have fun against. Now that it is based on titan score alone - the chance we get paired with a group that has 5 to 11 people who kill the titans for the rest of their alliance is slim… Making matchmaking still a broken function.

What I Do is level my 3*. Whwn alliance war is coming stop eating my 2* until after i have used them in war or used all flags. It doesn’t take much to obtain a pile of unlevelled 2 , each war, I’ve used less as I’ve obtained more.3
I’ll also throw in trainer heros as I don’t eat them as I have no 4 or 5* yet

I’m glad you have a strategy that works for you. But since you’re missing the point entirely I don’t know what else to say on the matter… Perhaps since you have 4 accounts the term casual is simply lost to you.

We want a fun balanced game, and I am honestly trying to help them learn. But when the deck is constantly stacked against 20 members of my alliance, it’s only going to encourage them to stop caring not try harder.

Just two accounts :wink:
Aw takes just a few minutes once or twice in 24hrs. Just have the weak members stack colors to take out tanks or wipe a lone hero left. Not worth stressing over (especially for casual play) as wars have no real meaning and it is just another chance at loot

Sorry for misunderstanding, but in my defense you did say alts (with no apostrophe to designate possession if that was your intention) and I read someone (else apparently) discussing their 3 alt accounts earlier.

And once again, I’m not stressing over anything. Like I have said (and the screen shot should help prove if anything) was that I didn’t feel challenged. I’m just clarifying the reason why titan score is still an unbalanced method of matchmaking… Trying to help elaborate how people I play with are having less and less enjoyment as this goes forward instead of the opposite.

I understand how the wars work, and what recommendations to make to the learning players.