Titan score is wrong

Titan score is wrong…please fix… I am having an issue with my score not computing in my Alliance … this am we have a 7* titan and my score is considerably less then actual… We’ve had an issue too with War and scores are showing up as ZERO with some of my alliance members … I’m Fancy lead with American Odyssey.some of my members are getting upset …we work really hard in scores and leveling and not to mention $$$$$$$$$… Please fix

I dont understand you titan problem, maybe you can add screens and describe whats going on?
In war, when you attacking someone you can get 0 points if you doesn’t deal enough damage to enemy heroes (whem them heals themselves or war buff heal them)

I hit titan 3x in the am … …it registered in stats … hours of time hitter… but total score does not match up with players score. 3x hit first read 38k points… when my flag refreshed I hit titan again… only 8k showed up under players score instead of46k… you had a glitch in your system… computing scores…
A member in my Alliance Conz… reported your glitch 3weeks ago … he won a battle battling another team and should have scored 69 or something… but showed 0… lost a flag… score did not compute… not sure how else I can be more clear… just know something is wrong with score computing is not right.

Thank you for adding me to your community with privileges.

In war you can get 0 points for win if your wi-fi turn off even for 1 second, I have that in past.
Maybe with Titan you have the same problem
@Kerridoc can you look at this?

I’m just a player like you – I moderate, not code!

Sorry, I know but I saw you have bigger knowledge than me about game, so Im thinking you can know what happen :slight_smile:

I can only do what others did and post about this in the #bugs-issues area:

Never heard of this before. Hope it doesn’t happen to me. Thanks for the heads up of the possible bug

No that’s not an with my wi fi.

WiFi is fine. There’s nothing wrong with my wifi

So Im sorry, I dont know what happen :disappointed:

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