Titan score decreasing

Apart from this „simple“ math exercise, are there any other formula to know?

Especially I trying to figure out how to stay on a constant Titan Star-Level.
I read a view post were players are considering to kill the Titan as late as possible, in the last 5 minutes or something?

Are there any known score level were 12* ends and 13* starts?

Hello @Revelate so the score evolve only with kill/escape ? no others parameters ( kill speed, %titan power realized,…) ?
N.B. We try to stay in an affordable level for the Path of Valor
Edited, sorry I had not seen this :
Escape (approximate) = (T x 400)/2 x %Percent killed.
But does that mean if you don’t hit at all percent killed = 0 and escape impact = 0 ?

I have no knowledge that killing speed improving titan score. May be only temporary till titan decay will come.

On the contrary, you seem to have nailed it down perfectly! I’ve been using your formulas and they’ve been predicting the score exactly every time (includes 4 escapes so far, all accurately predicted). You obviously have to round off to the nearest integer, but yeah, that’s the right equation!

My frustration now is trying to figure out how the Titan Score correlates to Titan strengths. My Alliance has been doing planned escapes (letting about every 5th Titan go), thinking that by doing negligible damage on the escapes we can keep our Titan Score down, thereby increasing our winning% for PoV. However, it appears the Titan *'s may not be connected to Titan Score at all, as our decreased score doesn’t seem to diminish the Titan strengths any more than if we had gone ahead and done 90%+ damage on the escaped Titans.

It’s very confusing and frustrating… I mean, what’s the point of having a Titan Score (and figuring out its calculation) if it has no bearing on what Titans you face? And does anyone know any strategies for increasing Titan winning%, since maximizing score decay on escapes doesn’t seem to accomplish anything?

In my alliance we have a specific titan guru role - all things titan were deferred to her. Data was kept on titan HP and colour, and there was minimal flask use as we tried to find our natural titan level.

There are titan colours we are strong in, for example red & purple, and then there were colours we as a team had to work harder to defeat eg. Yellow and blue. Keeping a record of titan colour and HP, allow early notification of titans being released so battle items are not wasted.

Btw - we are now farming 14* titans.




20 consecutive 14* kills and at highest HP for a 14* (last 3 with full 30/30 alliance)

NOTE: Yes there were players hitting for over 2MM initially to keep the string - that data was not entered into the system, as well on a couple occasions early in that period Merc help.


6 consecutive War wins (last 3 with full 30/30 alliance)

Commentary by RaZ

How did I start the team with a 14* Titan, easy I took over an Alliance that had fallen apart, that was with High Rank and @ 14* titans. Shaves a month+ off trudging ride starting from scratch. Been there done that.


My team is within a sphere of competitors consisting of N teams.

Should any team above me pass or fail to kill a Titan, they are for a period of time given a Scarlet Letter as it pertains to our team so long we continue to string kill 14* Titans. Thus we MOVE UP in rank.

The same holds for this pool of teams in regards to war. If one loses or ties and we continue to win period, we MOVE UP in rank.

Now with Titans and Rank (TEMPORARY RANK ADJUSTMENT) being that teams in this pool are killing at different times a team can achieve a rank that is greater than their base rank. In the case I site from today however we moved back in rank not forward. In order for that to happen TIME would need to be removed from the FACTOR and the assumption would be all teams killed, none failed all at the same time. Then logically I could say this can happen and accept it, but odds are someone passed in the 150-101 range today.

I’m hoping that someone in the forum (Instead of me guessing or continuing to try to figure it out) - can tell me how a team that from its inception has strung 14* without pass/fail and won all wars is not making much headway (I know that individual war score plays into this as well and that I’m not going to go into here).

A note: war score has been going up 300pts per win. I happened to capture it at approximately +600pts following war however it was adjusted back down to 300pts after the titan kill (highlighted in yellow below).

I initially thought that today’s pre/post Titan results were maybe compromised by an early departure but that wasn’t the case which puts another spin on this for me.

I’m a player on a mission, yet if the mission is not possible for some unforeseen circumstances well hell I would like to know so I quit spinning in circles. LOL, RIGHT! Think this seems fair.

So MUCH THANKS TO ANY PLAYER THAT HAS VALID insight as to what may be happening is greatly greatly greatly appreciated. - RAZOR!

I am going to include players that in the past I’ve talked to on the subject. I also realize that my prior data collection around all this is no longer valid due to changes made to calculations in the game since as well yes my discussion here likely is very over simplified I’m trying to keep it simple.

Confirmation that player remained until I had captured the adjustment

Tracking points of Alliance Score and its breakdown

I have exited and reentered the game many times now and we are well over an hour past war results and titan kill. The final entry remains the same with Alliance Rank at #146.

@Guvnor @Rigs (Damn it Rigs did you get put in the corner again???) @Sarah2 (saw you were last in this thread) @GrandGousier @Gryphonknight @littleKAF there are others just not coming to mind at the moment. MODS please feel free to move this to an appropriate location in the forum it this is not it. Thanks again!

@DracoLovesRi - including you D as we will be discussing I know so here is the reference point.
@rednaxela - same Neo!

NOTE: 2 corrections needed to be made that I’m just getting back to.

  1. The most recent war score at 12:29:12PM on 11/1/2020 should be 128,644.

  2. should say failed to kill or passed


Tagging a friend who might be able to answer your questions - he’s our walking E&P Encyclopedia @ThePirateKing.

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Aside from alliance and individual war history the war score is mainly based on top 5 troops and top 30 heroes, what means that even winning wars this part of the alliance score will grow slowly while your war teams are getting stronger. Even having a good win streak you will sometime hit the war score cap, being the max. war score your alliance can currently reach.
The max. war score cap in game I think is currently around 141000.
Most top alliances besides of the few having all maxed main troops for defense, have a cap of 137-140k

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Then if all are strong/experienced players being gathered in a new alliance the individual history may count in from some joining having a less successful war history, then not having as high an individual score added to the war score.
In KotN we had some issues with negative or low score gains, after wins during the tests of new matchmaking systems, counting in individual war history.
That seems to have been fixed in the latest wars thanks to @mhalttu


Regarding titans, being the headline it seems like the daily titan decay setting in. What it does for all alliances once a day, no matter what titans we are hitting.
If fast on killing it is ,sometimes, like every third week if not going crazy, possible to down 2 titans between decays, what will boost the titan score for a few days.

Hi @Julia thanks for responding. Just starting in on finding our necessary kill period - haven’t worked that out yet. As to comments regarding benches and even ‘heavy’ players with less than average war scores of the past - both make sense as contributors. I’m also aware of war scores of individuals being the easiest to identify can be a bottle neck. Being its down or where it was basically with 15 players that were ‘weaker’ than the 30 we have now is troublesome for me to accept. Thanks for your time on this. Will continue to pursue several avenues to uncover/discover what the real issue is and get some more feedback! Hope to see you soon :slight_smile: :crazy_face: RaZ

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Anyone with the release notes that identified the change of calculations with War Score?
I would be interested in being directed to them to see what specifically the change was. Thanks! @KhaoSTRDPro see above (or click the quote below):

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This is the latest report by the developers on the new algorithm. Basically, the alliance specific war history is copied to all the individual members too. So, if someone leaves or joins, a part of the war history should be altered. :slight_smile:

About the titans, according to @yelnats_24’s data, the titan spawn and decay cycle gets slightly altered everyday by a few seconds. So depending, on how long your alliance existed and at exactly what time your alliance was created, there is a particular time in the day when the titan score decays by 5% of the exisiting titan score. Whereas, when you kill the tttan it increases by an amount of 400*T (where T is the titan star value). So depending on your alliances’ decay time, titan spawn time, and speed of kill, the titan score can be quite high ot low. And since the titan spawn cycle is 23hrs, and the decay cycle is 24hrs, as @Julia mentioned, it is possible to squeeze in 2 titan kills within one decay cycle every once in a while, which inflates the titan score (and hence alliance rank) by a good amount.


I may have opened a can of worms for myself @ThePirateKing and NO ONE likes my take on designated Titan Kill Times (i.e. Must kill by 11th hour) however many that actually can get out of their head what they have been fed tend to turn things around. I need to find out what all has actually ‘REALLY’ changed first. I’ve not heard anything new yet in the response thread however TRULY appreciate getting feedback! I will come back and read the article/thread reference you posted. THANK YOU

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Hello, not sure if i am on the right topic you are interested in. As far as i understood, you are interested in alliance score, mainly titan and war scores.

  • Titan Score - it is based on a formula, described by @Revelate. Specifically in your case with 14* titans each killed titan gives 5600 titan score (14*400), where 14 is the number of stars of the titans you are fighting. Time does NOT matter, Number of members do NOT matter.

Every day titan score decreases by 5% of TOTAL titan score. Example - if you have atm 110 000 titan score, decay happens and you lose 5500 (5%*110 000), meaning from this speciffic day you had possitive difference of 100 points in the titan score (5600-5500). Track the time for your alliance when decay happens so you know when to expect decrease in titan score, therefore Total score decrease as well. People say that this is the time when alliance has been created, i can not confirm for sure but i am okay to believe it.

Now when you reach 112 000 titan score, you reach cap on titan when difference in points won and lost from decay becomes 0. You win 5600 from killed titan and you lose 5600 from decay. This is nothing to worry about - since titans spawn an hour earlier than a full day (22 hours + 1 hour waiting period), every 20-25 days, depending on how fast you kill titans, you get an EXTRA titan for the day, before decay happens, which gives you additional 5600 score. You could most probably do it faster, if you are very coordinated and use flasks, but there is not really a reason to do so since it comes Naturally.

This is how alliances are able to reach 120 000 titan score, which decreases every day after that since difference in points won from killed titan (5600) and points lost from decay (120k*5%) becomes negative until you get back to the point when it becomes possitive. Then circle repeats.

  • War Score - we know from description how it is calculated. Top 30 heroes and troops involved, past war data. There is not any official formula (as far as i know) that calculates exact war points won/lost from wars, since numbers are not the same every time and not rounded. I have been tracking for personal information war score of my alliance from a couple months now and it seems that war WIN gives around 2200 (+/- some points) and war Loss is also nearly there.

We know there is cap war score for alliances, depending on their rosters. Reaching cap war score will NOT add another points to the total war score, if you win next war after that. At the moment, the highest i have seen in top alliances, as @Julia stated, is around 141 000. But this score may increase soon with embleming best 30 heroes, now that emblems are tons of as rewards from everywhere. Having 30 max emblemed heroes who have very high natural Team Power should increase this score.

In the meantime, in the few days gap we got between the 2 weekly wars, alliance members usually slightly increase their roster power by working on more (stronger) heroes and embleming higher their top 30 war heroes, which also (slightly) increase alliance cap war score. So it is natural to witness slight increase in war score between two wars.

All this i am sharing is based on personal observation of ONLY my alliance(s). I hope i am not misleading you with the way i have interpreted things. This is true for my alliance from the observation i had and (short) data collected. Also have to mention that my alliance is top 100.
Not sure if there are any differences with newly presented war matching method for newly created alliances, consisted of mostly strong people, there might be some exclusions in titan/war points won/lost in order to “punish” them. If there is anything different, let me know :slight_smile:

Gonna tag @ChelleATC here since i have seen him/her tracking top 100 war score and surely has a lot more data and can probably make things more clear, if my interpretation was not correct.

I forgot to mention that if you lose a long term member who has participated in all/most wars and replace him with new one, war score will (most probably) fall down. Happened to us previous war where we lost it and the negative difference in war score was around 3000, instead of the usual 2000-2200. This might be a cause of his huge war history with us while the new guy has none yet OR just he had way better roster than the new guy. Something to track as well :slight_smile:


Yes! The rarity in which one makes that statement is lower than 1/8th of 1% in my experience. Most players (of the 1,000s I’ve plaid with, myself included, were ‘told’ killing titans at a regular interval maintains rank, is needed to rise and its mandatory to be in the Top-100! I hope I stay on topic.

For example: Titans must be killed by 11 hours remaining (or 8 or 7 hours). These 3 were the common ones I heard most often

Executing and in particular leadership Enforcing such orders with that kind of time remaining on a regular basis (when stringing 14*'s) is truly player slavery, for NOT! The associated farming and cost for items to generate the tools necessary to ensure such craziness is well crazy.

The players holding to the fallacy of earlier kill times = more Titan points, are often so adamant about it that it could turn into a brawl. FACT: Not a SINGLE player who fought against me on the topic ever provided a single thread of evidence to back it up. Not ONE. It was so ingrained in some players that they left find another alliance that would kick any player out that didn’t hit 120K daily and the team was punished by leadership if the Titan wasn’t dead by the 7th hour daily. More than 1 player approached me as newer members of Returns and that was their reason for leaving. One I recall in complete PANIC mode in talking to me about it. Shocking really (and I was vested in one in particular timewise). A player/person needing that or preferring performing in that environment over the laid back lax requirement of performing in the top 50%tile of 2 titan elements with no daily minimums, No kicking as a result A ‘target’ kill time of 3 hours remaining (1 hour remaining being just as acceptable as 3). There is a point where pushing ourselves, flaking and raiding were in the plan but not until we were in striking distance of an achievement.

I personally collected data myself with Batman Returns, it was one of my primary reasons for leading it (this is before a Batman Family existed). Titan point allotment was relatively the same for a kill 8 hours early as it was 15min remaining. Rares gave some extra which they should (they are more powerful/harder to kill overall).

What is perceived/witnessed by players I suspect, are comparable teams with similar Base Ranks adjusting forward or backward (due to TITAN KILL TIMES or a War WIN/LOSS/TIE) within ones own ranking sphere. Much of the larger movement likely attributed to the variance in STARTS. Visibility also being limited to the top-100 primarily distorts things.

Both Titan Spawns and War Time Starts are fixed for the virtual alliance “CONTAINER” (my term for the virtual shell the alliance players look into all day long) I suspect 100% tied to the creation date-time stamp of it (when your gems are accepted for its creation).

When Starts happen to be very close for a given set of alliances new or old occupying the Top100 I suspect its a little unusual as well windows of opportunity to capture what is not really yours narrows.

THIS IS WHY I SHOULDN’T HAVE OPENED MY MOUTH! LOL and I’m pretty passionate on the topic and am now off it. I went through ALL of this already. Months upon months of data collection. Discussions. Validation. Fact finding. The entire time I ran Batman Returns, have zero desire to do so again with Batman: Dark Ops. As it was always an uphill battle with nearly ALL against me even in my own home in such matters.

I still believe the data recorded is sufficient for making safe assumptions. Where Dark Ops is currently (Dropping many ranks backwards with a 100% WIN/WIN record) and the things I did prior to moving forward with this team to ensure its expedient entry into the top-100 (as well scanning the teams randomly above at 100, 90 , 80, 70, 60)… something is very amiss.

HERO CLASSING (use of Emblems)

Classing and Emblems however is a significant difference. It is also being offered most as the reason for our position

A) Recently there was a significant cost decrease for a player to max class their heroes with emblems!

B) The quantities have been doubled for in-shop emblem purchases/offers. So have the rewards in emblems.

C) The Dual Edged Sword of the ALCHEMY LAB:

  1. players who invested in the Alchemy Labs can self-produce emblems as desired (output is 2 random classes, they can choose which of the 2 they want)

  2. players can increase emblem production at a minimum of DOUBLE (potentially quadrupling or more) by paying gems for BOOSTS (offered on every single shard) to get more shards to get more emblems quicker!

D) Classing has an extremely high value in war scores (I have heard)

E) Classing DEPTH within the 10 hero classes has significance (I am hearing)
I cannot compete in that space. I’ve reset too many times testing, missed to many events, bypassed or put no effort into tourneys (which was or still is a significant source for emblems) involved and too busy in the community, LINE GROUPS, Trying to stay up to date with all the changes SG has been making to get me to quit! LOL seems like it sometimes. All the testing, apps, support, maintenance, I help a lot of players 1 on 1 too, forum check-ins. The bat family, APG (Alliance software), hosting a couple sites for other teams (APG), I did not even step into Ninja Tower. Wah waaah waah Razor poor baby. Yeah ok. I cannot pull triggers much on the 19 and 20 nodes. Especially the last for 250 emblems either I do not have them, or the use ROI isn’t there to justify cost. Perhaps this will be my WALL this time around?


RETURNS PRIOR WALL: TROOPS and HERO DEPTH (I am very competitive with these vs any player now). I did this with purpose for this teams journey.

POSSIBLE NEW WALL: It could be the classing I mentioned above A to E! I have 1 class 20 5* Mitzuko. 2 class 19 5* and several class 18 5*s. My classing does not nor will it run deep into any of the 10 hero classes however within the time frame of BDO.

Something is very amiss it seems, not sure what it is, I may have to just set aside have a little fun then get out of here!


This is new to me and mentioned mor than once. Ok yeah the LIFE-SPAN may be a little bit extended (30min or so). Its occurrence is rare however can be identified with proper tracking it sounds like other things. This rarity however would provide MORE TITAN POINTS OBVIOUSLY 2 are being killed in a single titan’s time/decay period. That is a huge opportunity for a jump in temporary rank. I was very aware of noticing ‘windows’ of opportunity for greater Rank obtainment when I was tracking data with Returns - this dual titan potential never presented - nor had anyone talked about it.

HERO CLASSING (use of Emblems)

Right! That one I was not certain on. It is in the data captured however (which is minimal yet suffices).

10/15 & 10/17 membership ranged between 16 & 21 players. Those dates are the highest titan scores recorded, vs the 30 players in the last entries

On 1 of those dates there was a flux of visiting Mercs to relieve NEO Red Nax Ela & Ant-Man Anetho from insane titan damage figures they were putting up. Red reaching over 2.2MM on a single 14* titan and multiple day 1.xMM+, Anetho in the 1.4MM range as I recollect. My main account didn’t get inducted to the BDO Million HP Titan club, however my main ALT + main may have combined for it, may need to double check it :blush:.

YEP WENT AND WROTE A BOOK, READY TO SCRAP IT BUT POSTING INSTEAD… I may have to keep away for a bit, I did have 2 players approach me in PM’s as well.

Thanks again everyone. RAZ


Did you got any replay?

Hi, I am attaching to the debate the data collected on the Titans from our alliance Titan Score - Data Project!

So… how come ? This says something else right?