Titan Score computed improperly

After defeating the 8-star green titan, I was placed 13th in my alliance (my name is AlexanderBoerboel), although got the titan score C instead of B - and the wrong loot respectively.

This happened yesterday (15th of June), around 17:06, CET +1 (I’m in Germany).

Find below a couple of screenshots:

The same occured after defeating the next titan (8*, purple) as well.

It happened just a little while ago [12:01, CET +1 time zone (Germany)]:

IIRC, the B C and D grades are calculated on damage done, not on your placement. To be exact you have to deal atleast 3,33% of titans hp as dmg to get a B. That you have not done in the pics, so working as intended I’d say. :slight_smile:

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Everything is correct, you were below 3.3%. Not much but still.

Check In the forum Titans: Grades, Loot, and You. Sorry, can not post a link.

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