Titan score = 0


If you have had your titan score show as 0, please read through the thread for possible solutions / more information before adding your own post.

The damage on titan is not shown
Titan fight with 0 points but did not start a fight!


I want to report a repeated bug on account royaldulcinea. The damage i do on the titan is not shown. Latest occurence was one hour ago. Please check and repair the issue. Alliance Karukera. Thank you


Would suggest attaching screenshots.

Sanity check: are you talking about the attack log? That only has a limited number of entries so early damage will scroll off the end unfortunately, whereas the full titan damage ranking should show everyone regardless of when they hit.


Hi, I am talking about the attack not being counted on the titan. It shows 0 damage in the log after I finish hitting.


You’re not talking about hitting with a missing hero, right? (No blue, blue does no damage, etc)


0 damage recorded on titan can happen if the game crashes before it posts the data to server. I have had a situation where the battery died mid game or the game just crashed to home screen.

If that didn’t happen, the problem is probably in your connection, or it could be a temporary server problem.


September 17, 9:57 a.m. EST in USA, attacking titan for the third and fourth time board is very slow. Attacks 1 & 2 after end of attack received message you are not connected to the server. I was not able to reconnect without shutting off my android phone. As you see both attacks showed zero damage. Attacks three and four had the same slow board. Alliance name Riyria. Account E9582 1.6.3 build 395 current name Royce, formerly Azure.
Thank you for your time,


Durante los ataques a titan es se me cierra el juego, cuando vuelvo a conectarme mi puntuación al titan es 0


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During the attacks titan is closed the game, when I reconnect my score to titan is 0


I watch the titan before the beginning of a fight and lost connectivity. After a nee Start of the Game i lost a fight with 0 points!


Arien described this error on a recent thread:


Rook, It is a server problem. I have full access to my 4G network, 98% battery on Kyocera Hydro. All the tile screens are lagging badly.
Sorry I don’t know how to take screen shots :frowning:


This is what I meant:

If this is what you’re seeing, it’s merely an issue of clicking tiles (green, blue, etc) for heroes you do not have in your lineup.

If you mean anything else, have you reported it to SG directly?