Titan Scale

Does anyone know what happens when we miss the Titan? How does that affect loot?

You get no loot if you don’t hit.

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Your players need to hit the Titan at least once to get (reduced) Titan loot. You get slightly better odds on Loot if you actually win. :wink:

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Lots more; I was pretty regularly in C which equals the titan level on a win (7 or 8* at the time).

When we lost for either 8 or 9* I went straight down to loot tier 1.

No bueno for losses :slight_smile:

This is STANDARD for our entire alliance. :frowning:

That’s what I was referring to, Revelate: we haven’t noticed much of a drop for losses, on average. But we don’t lose that often either. :wink:

Rook, it’s not reduced anymore. It’s standard to everyone. :slight_smile:

Yay! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: