Titan Scale

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A simple question, that i like a mod or whoever know the answer can write here:
What’s the difference (in loot drop) between a 1* titan, a 2* titan, 3*… 7*… and so on…?

What i mean is: it double every step? A 8* can give 8 times better then a 1*?
Or is it exponential?
And obout everything or just the quantity of items?

If you think carefully, it’s a very important question to decide what to do about alliances.

I read the other topics and i dont find another question like this.
If i miss it, i’m sorry.

Actually if anything it’s logarithmic.

Beating 7 and 8 star titans sometimes don’t have anything more than you can get off a 1*, actually it’s a pretty common occurrence.

Basically, get comfy farming titans with your alliance, though there’s been a recent spate of absurd luck in my alliance which has some wondering if the drop rates are been stealth increased with the recent patch… but I strongly suspect it’ll go back to bleh again.

Small sample sizes heh.

In general you should try to beat the highest titan levels you can, presumably while there is some overlap the ascension items people need are unlikely to ever drop much below loot tier 5 would be my guess and it’s just going to get worse below that. The frequency of the rare drops increases somewhat by loot tier, but even then they’re still just that, rare.

Thank you for your answer Revelate.
Actually we fighting 6* - 7* titans, and recently my loots (about 1-2 weeks) are really… bad. Always within top 3 hitters to make things worse. And so i read of many others in my situation.

So i thought a simple solution.
If the difference in loots between small titans and hard titans it’s not that relevant, it’s better to take down a small one and split the price in like… 4-5 people (actually, with the strongests of my team i think we can take down 4* titans, maybe 5*) the take down a 7* and split the reward in 30.

Thats the point of my question.

Ich ask it directly by SGG and wenn dont get a list…

If you like the people in your alliance, why split it? If you don’t, ostensibly you should be elsewhere anyway :slight_smile:

The problem is it’s all RNG, and while it’s easy to get discouraged and think the grass is greener elsewhere, it almost assuredly isn’t. I’ve seen A/A++ get great loot, and sometimes utter crap. On the flipside my C and occasionally B performance (I’m underpower for my alliance) gets ascension items too.

Given that we’re time limited in the number of titans we can kill, my personal theory is I’d rather end up in the top loot tier possible long term… which for me and my current development, I’m well better off being in a higher hitting alliance than being maybe 3-10ish in your typical 5* chasing alliance.

There isn’t a loot split that I’m aware of per se, you don’t get increased drops or statistics just because you have fewer people, it simply limits your abiliilty to kill as you’re missing call it 25 other people.

A+ on a 4* caps out at loot tier 7, which is the same as a C rating on a 7*. If you can get top 3 on said 7* you’re in loot tier 9 (A) or 10 (A++)… you’d be trading downward statistically. Also if you lose against the titan you’re way better off being in the top scorers on a higher level titan, my top 5 drops to loot tier 5 or so, I drop all the way to loot tier 1… where I consider a backpack to be good loot haha.

Granted it’s always may the RNG be with you, but still, over time it should be accurate.

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Your loot is definitely unrelated to others. It does take under consideration the score in that fight, and A and A+ have reportedly better odds. But in the end Titan loot is just like a token, it will roll and amount of food, iron, then a bunch of others. The higher the Titan, higher the amount of rolls you get and possibly the odds in those rolls. But odds don’t mean you’all get better loot.

So in reality, despite the better odds a 15* Titan loot can be really bad and a 4* Titan drop 3 ascension items. It’s just odds. Just like you can play a machine a thousand times and someone get the price in their first try.

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Thanks again for the really accurate answers.
I’m aware from the beginning that the loot is random and that a lower titan can drop something better but just by coincidence.
What i was pretty sure was that the loot was split by the number of teammates.

Are you sure thats not the case?

Pretty sure with all the titans we’ve taken down the difference between A+, A, B and is maybe 0.1% difference in loot advantage or it could be the same, makes things easier for the devs to program. I guess in a way it gives everyone the same chance at rare items which is truely rare from Titans battles and chests.

Would it kill them to level the material with the titan s and make the AM drops appreciable? Killing a 6 shouldn’t net minor potions, regular at least and at that level I should see AM drops at least once every 7-10 days. As it stands there is no reason to pay for better heros and little reason to play at all

Nearly 100%.

Actually the number of items appears to be a function of loot tier, I’ll try to track that but I get appreciably fewer items on my test account whacking 2* than my regular killing 7-8*'s. Lot of openings in the test account’s alliance too for reference, and I score A-B on there whereas I’m likely in the C range for a while on the main account.

Also I’d note the scroll bar on the hard hitters in my alliance tends to be longer than mine heh, but I’ve never stopped to count items. Easy enough to check.

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So what you are saying Revelate is that the higher the tier the more item drops you get which technically means the higher chance of getting better ascension items, but the rate of which the ascension item drops do not change.

For example A+ on a 8* titan you get 10 items for example - 1% chance of 4* ascension material and 0.5% chance at 5* ascension material

A+ on 5* titan you get 6 items but the chance is still 1% and 0.5%. I guess the more items you get the larger the chance you get but those dismal ascension rates just suck.

It is just like saying buying 1 lottery ticket you get 1 in 10 million chance to win, buy 2 tickets it drops to 1 in 5 million. Still very bad odds.

That’s what I think is the case… though the absurdly good luck streak continues in my alliance anyway.

It should be pretty easy to figure out and at least on map farming it certainly appears that more items = more winning in terms of ideal locations, and assuming my alleged theory on number of drops being somewhat based on loot tier level would play too, double bonus style if it’s higher chance to drop, and more items drop for that matter. I do see where the A players when they hit jackpot they do better than I do at C but that is just small sample size so far.

I’ve killed alot of titans in the past and mostly had A+ ratings and I don’t recall once ever getting 4* ascension materials. I do remember getting quite a few of them when I get A or B ratings.

I find that A, B & C tends to get the best loot whereas A+ never seems to be the case. Maybe if you are getting A+ regularly the devs think you don’t need anymore ascension materials so they decrease the drop rates. Hey “YOU are too powerful”, give someone else the chance to be on top… LOL

Although your chances are better for getting a higher loot tier, it’s still just a small chance. The same issue is present getting a high score fighting level 8 and 9 Titans. The higher the loot tier the better your odds. But you are talking about just a couple of percentage points difference. Just like summoning a 4-star or 5-star. It just depends on how lucky you are for the odds to swing in your favor

It happen to me too. But i see that thing in a slightly different means.
It’s like ‘changing the pattern’ or simply -do a different score- of your usual, unlock that items.
For example, if you always do B in your score and now you score A+, it happens just the same.

So, ironically, if you always do A+ you’re always stuck, but you just need 1 other score to unlock the best rewards.

Since we all talking about odds, the fact that in your alliance A+ usually don’t get anything don’t mean it’s a fact it doesn’t ever.

It has been said by devs and in their FAQ that your loot is based in the Titan number of stars AND your scores.

Players also noticed that A+ get a tier three times higher than the Titan starts, A gets two tier higher and B one higher, C the same. That means if you fight and kill a 7*, A+ will get the loot of a 10*, A (6 players) will get 9*, B a 8* and C 7*.

The difference between the tiers are not clear. But its pretty obvious and easy to check that weaker Titans give less Iron, food and other mats. I don’t remember what Star was it (2 or 3 tier), but it give 1 Food roll, 1 iron roll, 2 random mats, 1 battle item, 1 hero/gem/flask. So total 6. Right now killing 7* gives way more that 6 rolls, I counted 10 once.

It’s not clear which rolls can drop what, but I see a consistent pattern, my ascension items always drop at the middle of the list. It might be a coincidence though. Even if the chance for each roll is the exact same, the fact that you get more rolls will increase your chance.


Here some examples, some of hem were taken when the scores were messed up, so just pay attention on the Tiers.

And here the official FAQ answer:

The level of the Titan (as per shown by stars) is the primary factor for what grade of Loot can be gained for defeating a Titan. Additionally, the top damage dealers also have a chance for improved loot beyond the baseline provided by the level of Titan. The top player has the best chance for improved loot. The 5 players after the top player also have slightly improved chances for improved loot.


One current example, 7* Titan, got a Tier 10 loot, 11 rolls: 1 Food roll, 1 iron roll, 3 mats rolls, 3 ascension rolls, 2 battle items rolls and 1 gen roll. If my logic is right, only 3 of them can drop my rare ascension items.


I would ask that the loot from killing Titans be better for higher starred Titans. We just had a great member of our team, & avid spender, quit the game for getting very little from 6* & 7* Titans, every time, as an A+ hitter. You lost a good customer & we lost a friend on the game.