Titan rule on getting the best loot possible

@TGW is correct; there is no guarantee that someone in the alliance will get the rare item if you defeat a rare titan.

This is actually easy for some alliances to confirm, because they have good communication with all their members, and get a yes or no answer from everyone. It has been confirmed that it is simply a CHANCE to get the rare item. It is NOT guaranteed that an item will go to at least one person in the alliance if a Rare Titan is defeated.

Also consider this: If it WAS guaranteed, then wouldn’t a one-person alliance be awesome? All you’d have to do is save all your Titan flasks for whenever a rare Titan comes along, and you would get the mat. Hopefully you can see how silly that is, because if that were true, wouldn’t everyone do just that? :slight_smile:

It’s RNG… rare Titan has a better chance to get the specified rare mat, but that’s all it is… a chance, not a guarantee. The only guaranteed rare mats are the ones you get from the periodic quests (such as Shrikewood, for example)… provided you can complete all the stages, you WILL get the mat from those. Everything else is just Lady Luck. :smiley:

Good gaming!


Thank you @Fizban! Yes, absolutely easy to confirm when your alliance communicates.

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I have played since before Rare titans were released.

I 100% back @TGW on this.


I also got it once in about 20 months of playing. But it also happened at least once that I got a different 4* mat than the “advertised” one. In general, rare titan loot is still better so I think it is worth to kill them… But of course, from time to time RNG will give you just crap anyway.

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Its a bonus with a % of dropping i think , like when you try to summon a HOTM.
So its possible that no one gets it.
It never drop for me since i started playing

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Yours is better, but I also went about a year and a half getting maybe one that whole time, then got two back-to-back. RNG is RNG!

I’ve been playing it for a year and a half in the alliance and so far it’s always been that when we beat rare titan, someone got it. But then, according to everything you write here, we were probably just lucky.

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I read somewhere that the more participation you have on the Titan and the more evenly dispersed the scores are the better the loot. I have no evidence of that, but some people believe it.

I can say its not that way. In my old alliance i always ended A or sometimes depending on the titan color and leveling up A+ . There were too many times where i received crap and those perfoming B received better loot. I believe the only thing performance change is the tier of the loot .

For example in a 9* titan performing c gives you ix performing b gives you x and so on . Its only about slots . I may be wrong but its my experience which told me that doesnt matter the score if not only for having more chances (slots). This way we let the reward to the good hand of rng :frowning_face: and we know that rng doesnt care about scores if he wants to screw your loot :laughing:

Well if you have 30 people in your alliance, that’s 30 chances for someone to get it. Same with any other type of summons. You’re not guaranteed anything. If you do 1 summon, you have a very low chance of getting a 5* hero. If you do 30 summons, your odds are much better. But still not absolutely guaranteed.

As my alliance only has 14 members… I haven’t tracked exact numbers, but on average, only about 50% of the time does someone in my alliance get the bonus item. So… statistically speaking? It would make sense that an alliance with twice as many people would have twice the odds of someone getting the item. Still not guaranteed, though.


So here are some myths to debunk:

  1. You do NOT get the bonus roll for a Rare if they escape. You can still get a 4* mat from a titan that escapes though but this is not the same as the bonus roll. How do you tell it is a bonus roll? The mat appears right at the end after the gems/ emblems/ loot tickets.
  2. Someone gets the bonus item with each rare titan - This is untrue. Each rare titan gives each person hitting an extra roll for the 4* mat. Sometimes multiple in the alliance gets it (yay!) and sometimes nobody in a 30 person alliance gets it (boo! Hisssss!)
  3. B tier has the best chance at getting 4* mats. Yes and no. If you are hitting 14* titans, it really doesnt matter if you are C or A+ because everyone in the alliance will be getting 4 rolls at ascension mats (Loot tier XIV). But say you are in an alliance hitting 12* titans, then absolutely finishing in A or above will give you Loot Tier XIV and 4 rolls. Finishing B on a 12* titan will only give you 3 mat rolls. Over time, having the extra mats roll will give you more ascension items. Now whether thats just more junk is a different matter.

In summary, its like winning a raffle, you increase your chances by increasing the number of tickets (rolls) you buy. Having more rolls doesn’t necessarily guarantee you better loot. The way you can increase your chances thus is to be an alliance that is able to consistently take down the biggest titans possible.


Agreed in full.

Apologies for jumping so quickly on

… I know some people believe this to be true, but it’s absolutely not. And leading people to believe in such fairytales is essentially leading them to disappointment, and anger, resulting in even more posts here from people claiming they were “supposed” to get this or that, and didn’t get it.

The ONLY items that are guaranteed in this game are the ones that literally say they are guaranteed. There is no guarantee to pull a HotM, no matter how many summons you do. There is no guarantee to get an unfarmable mat, no matter how many titans you kill. There is no guarantee that you will win a raid just because your opponent has a much weaker team, or vice versa. There are no pity timers or anything of the sort. RNG is just RNG, period.


Me and my alliance have faced and beaten many rare titans and we’ve never yet gotten the mat from the titan, personally I don’t know what purpose these rare titans served.

Ok, just ignore the fact that you won’t get the bonus roll. The rare titans still give you:

  • emblems of some description (anywhere up to 50)
  • loot tickets
  • some valhalla coins

So even if you don’t get the bonus roll, anything up to 50 emblems is, for me definitely worth your time.

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SGG should exclude this item from rare titans … or else change the message: Possibility to Impossibility. It would be even less frustrating.

So the if there is a chance to get an item but it is not guaranteed, you rather want the chance to be completely removed for the sake of being disappointed if you are not lucky enough? Following that logic… do you also want SG do remove HotMs?

Apparently, you did not understand anything of what I said … and with that comparison without leg and head that you did, nor will I try to explain, for surely you will never understand.

What else could you mean then?

If you were saying SG should just not display the item so expactations would be less high, then you should have said that instead of being rude to others when misunderstood.

Exclude this item is what you said. exclude = take away.
There is no other way to interpret it… unless you were unprecise in the way you expressed yourself! But that’s not my fault!

How I love people who blame others for their own incapability to express themselves

I’ve been playing 3 years. For the last year and a half I’ve been scoring A+/A on all but a dozen or so titans when I traveled.

Over that time we’ve fought 9-13 star titans and usually fight 10-11 now.

I track all my loot.

I haven’t gotten the bonus item ever.
I haven’t gotten ANY 4* ascension mat from a kill in over a year.

I haven’t got ANY 4* ascension mat from ANY chest since June 23 of last year.

I still understand it’s random and do not believe it’s messed with by SG.


I’ve finished A+ on a rare 8* titan only to get complete and utter crap, and then the next time I finish a regular 8* with an A and get rings AND an orb. The RNG is truly ridiculous :roll_eyes: