Titan rule on getting the best loot possible

we finish a 11* green rooster titan (rare) with tonic in his head. in no time we butcher it with almost 8hrs left and thats still plenty of time… and nobody gets the TONIC so im thinking., its bec. we kill it early or the harpoon are not good enough or theres a good timing to defeat it!?? whats your thought? thanks

It’s random. No guarantee anyone gets the rare item.

In general, the way to get the best titan loot is:

  1. Hit the titan (I do know of one ex-guildmate who complained about loot on one he didn’t hit), and have it die ( also important).
  2. Achieve at least a B rank, which should be doable for most people regularly. Obviously, only a limited number of A+ and A ranks are possible on a given titan.

Harpoons only relate to titan parts.


Use all your hits and hope for the best, it’s all random at the end of the day. Even with a rare titan, the chance of getting the bonus item is incredibly minimal. I think I’ve gotten it once in 2 years of playing.


You can also get the bonus ascension item from an escaped titan :slight_smile:

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There was an excellent data mining project on titan loot and tiers. Maybe this is of interest for you:

What can/could I get from a titan?

Short summary of my own, subjective experience: bigger titans and higher damage (i.e. higher loot tier) on defeated titans give better loot :wink:


Never in my 2 years of playing here, top attacker or not. Im more excited in my mystic vision of getting rare ascention item.


Got the bonus item once in 3 years. Don’t even get excited about a rare. Killed many too. For more than a year I was in a top alliance with a no skip policy.


It absolutely is random. I have an alliance of 14 members. When we kill a rare titan, there is only about a 50% chance that one of us will get the bonus item. The other 50% of the time, nobody does. I think maybe one time there were 2 in my alliance who got it from the same titan.

And while I do have a small alliance, most of us have been together for over a year, and typically kill about 3-4 rare titans every month.

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Because they hooked it to RNG, don’t get your hopes up.

SGG could improve quality of life if they didn’t hook the ascension mats so linked to RNG on war chests, rare titans and titan chests …

But it’s just another frustrating part of the game that may never get improved leading to inevitable game burnout.

I no longer even care anymore about rares. It’s just fun to take one down, until the loot drops.

It’s a poorly designed system, just enjoy what u can while your enthusiasm lasts.


I’ve never had the bonus in 18 months

My alliance mate has had it twice in a year.

I always finish A+ on them too so now idea what the odds of getting it are but not in my favour :joy:

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In my experience, more oftentimes than not, the alliance members who do get the rare item are usually those who scored in the bottom 50%. :roll_eyes:

Not really a big deal, as they probably need the items more than I do anyway (otherwise, how are they ever going to be able to catch up to me?).


Not exactly the same experience, but something similar:
I am typically the top scorer on titans pretty much most of the times in my alliance (I think 75% is a safe percentage to assume for this purpose)

And I can say one thing with certainty… any and every 4* ascension item that has appeared in titan loot for me has always been in the remaining 25% of the times (that too, mostly, when my rank category was a B).

This… I am talking about a span of good 200 days… that’s 200 titans… I got A+ rank in at least 150 of them… at least… And no 4* item in any of those 150 loots.

Everytime I am reminded of this when I don’t score well and get a good ascension item in the loot, I am like, “SGG… who are you rewarding here? high scorers or lower scorers??”

Anyways… randomness is funny in some sense, I guess… :roll_eyes:


I’m almost always at the top as well. I realize that my alliance of 14 members will not have the same success rate in pulling bonus items as a full 30 member alliance, so I keep that into consideration. I also keep into consideration the fact that we mostly kill 5-6* titans, so we’re not in the same loot tier as the higher groups.

But our youngest members joined about 9 months ago, and I started the alliance roughly 17-18 months ago… I’m almost always A/A+ on titans. Can’t remember the last time I got bonus loot. :man_shrugging:

I just accept that there is no such thing as “guaranteed” loot or pulls at any level.

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For a rare titan, someone always gets a bonus item. Personally, it only happened to me once, about a year ago for A +, and then mostly got B.

In typical SG RNG’ness, i went 18 months only getting the bonus rare mat once and then out of the blue got 3 in a row !!

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Thats the part i hate the most from this game .
The game being random is ok but when this randomness traslates to things that requiere lot of effort like titan and even more wars you realize that theres something broken here

No! 100% false! Please stop spreading this sort of disinformation.


I’ve been keeping track of Titan loot for a while. My alliance typically faces 8-star Titans, and sometimes 9-star… we rarely beat those and it drops us back down afterwards… and occasionally drop to a 7-star if an 8-star slips away, which happens now and then.

Since January 1st, we’ve defeated 118 titans out of 155 (my data is missing info on a couple), so we kill right around 3/4 of them.

About half the time I’m A+ and half A, with a handful of B and one C in the mix.

My loot over that time:

  • 2 Damascus Blades, 2 Tome of Tactics, 1 Farsight Telescope, 1 Mystic Rings
  • 9 Compass, 6 Gloves
  • 6 Trap Tools, 3 Orbs of Magic, 3 Warm Capes, 10 Sturdy Shields, 9 Hidden Blades
  • 31 total farmable mats… don’t really care about those.
  • 70 total emblems
  • 20 Atlantis coins, 15 Valhalla coins
  • 8 WE flasks, 5 Raid flasks, 5 Titan flasks
  • 29x 1-star trainers, 27x 2-star trainers, 3x 3-star trainers
  • 1 Epic Hero Token, 5 Epic Troop Tokens

I haven’t tracked what I’ve gotten from other sources, but I recently started tracking Mystic Vision last month because I’ve been curious. I might start track Hero Chests, because I typically open 2-3 of those per day, and I FEEL like that is a decent source of the mats that I get, but… as we know, feelings aren’t where it’s at for actually KNOWING these things. :wink:

Good gaming!


You have to realize that the alliance is not just you. It’s not a lie that you didn’t get it … Play more rare titans and if you beat him, ask in the alliance who got it. Have a nice day


I’m the leader of my alliance.

It’s a small alliance of people I know personally, and they all share when they get a rare item.

I have been in the same room with all of them at the same time when we killed a rare titan, and compared all of our loot.

I’ve been playing this game since September 2018. I’ve been in my current alliance for 530 days. I think I know what I’m talking about.