Titan rewards


To whom it may concern:
I have recently opened my first Titan loot chest and I have to say I was severely dissatisfied with the rewards given. Players have to kill 5 Titans in order to open one of these chests and it ends up being just a basic loot crate. It takes 5 days to slay enough Titans to open up a loot crate due to the Titan respawn timers. 5 days!!! As of right now the only benefit that I can see for being in an Alliance is to gain the ability to slay Titans as another form of in game currency (loot). As a co leader in an alliance it takes time and energy to coordinate attacks and to manage an alliance to make sure we have participation from our members. All of this is fun to do but the sheer amount of time and Energy that gets put into it deserves a much better reward. I recieved better loot from an elemental specific monster chest which only took a fraction of the time! In order to keep players motivated you have to reward the energy and time they put into your game. My suggestion would be to make all Titan chests the Epic loot crates it provides much more satisfaction in achieving something that took 5 days to do.


I also agree with the statement. The Titan chest should have some of ascending item for a 4 star or 5 star hero. Today I open my Titan chest and there’s nothing i could be satisfied. Please, do something better to motivate players to play every day for that sweet reward.