Titan rewards very unfair

I believe that the developers of this game have to rethink the gorma as they distribute the rewards of the Titans … A player who does 10 thousand damage to the Titan takes a booty 3 times greater than one that caused almost 300 thousand damage. With that that is to say, this game does not value neither the effort nor the skill of the player, it does not matter if you are skilled or if you strive more than the others because they will not reward you that … Of the last time in my alliance it appeared a rare Titan 10, I did 330 damage, thus being the best attacker and spending almost all my battle resources that would take me enough time to get them, and once defeated as a maximum reward I won a warm cape … but my companion of Alliance that had caused him just 105 thousand damage was carried by a barbarian, mystical annilos and much more, that is, one of the worst attackers carried the best loot of Titan … and now I ask, what justice is there in that? Why don’t you value one’s skill and effort? Could it be that I don’t have a way to do a lot of damage to titan? Could it be that if I do less than my classmates I might be better rewarded than they? Please rethink that because it starts to annoy a lot, and it has happened to me many times and I know that there are more players that the same thing happens to them … fix because it’s nothing fair !!

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