Titan Rewards Validation issue

I received an (A) from my Titan Battle and went to receive my reward however a message popped up that said “purchase could not be validated” since when do we have to purchase our Titan Rewards? None of my Titan rewards were added to my inventory…

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Did you happen perchance requested for a refund for gems previously purchased?

BTW, welcome back to the community!

I haven’t requested a refund in a couple years. I usually have no issues with any part of the game.

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Oh and thank you for the welcome back. :heart:


That usually happens when some offer pop-up shows up and without want to buy you press buy it, but then you never finnish the purshase…
That’s not related with titan loot, probably there were a lot of pop-ups at the same time…
i’m pretty sure the titan loot is there because one thing isn’t related to the other.

I checked my inventory again and it was wasn’t added. I get bombarded with all the different ads and rewards all at once when I first get on the game. Maybe a glitch? I do see where it says that I got an A on my Titan rewards though under my chat columns.

Then there is no other recourse but file a support ticket. Please gather screenshots of proof that the titan loot was not given as it may be needed by SG staff. Kindly use the search option of this forum as its a bit difficult to navigate my phone for me to provide the link.

Good luck and belated happy new year!!!

Thank you for your assistance and you too! :relaxed:

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Thank you for your assistance and you too! :relaxed:



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