Titan rewards kinda unfair?

I’m not complaining about the generally terrible titan rewards, I’m talking about how they are graded. I understand how the grades work and how they are assigned but it seems they could do better.

One recent titan I got an A+ with around 120k damage. Next titan I got an A with around 250k damage. Why should I be theoretically better rewarded, (better being used extremely generously) for less than half of the damage on an equal level titan? Wouldn’t it be more consistent to do away with the comparison grades between players on each titan and just have tier levels based on damage output?

You said you understood the grading… sounds like you might be missing some things. The letter grade rewards are based on a percentage of damage or where you place in relation to your allies. That A could have been the same loot tier as that A+ (or theoretically higher for a rare titan 1* more difficult than previous).

Just looking at the letter grade and not the tier is a mistake.

Both were 8* titans. I assumed there was only one A+ and an A was one tier lower than that. Is that wrong?

That’s right, but an A against a 9* is the same loot as an A+ on an 8*. Focusing on your grade isn’t important, loot tiers are.

It’s a bit much to ask to have a different loot tier for every miniscule amount of damage done, dont you agree?

I think you missed the whole point of my post. Maybe I can explain it a bit better.

  1. 8* titan damage around 120k equals an A* grade yesterday.

  2. 8* titan damage around 250k equals an A grade today.

  3. Why is twice the damage on the same titan worth less reward.

I’m not taking about rewards for everything minuscule damage, or whatever you said, I’m talking about loot rewards equal to damage done and not some arbitrary grade system.

you dont understand how it works, if you say it is arbitrary. someone else got an A+ and got better loot, or technically better chance at better loot. work harder for that A+ next time.

We just killed a rare titan where poison darts were offered. I spent my titan refills to get high score where we defeated the titan. Why was it that no one got the darts? I have been trying to max delilah and cant due to darts. I finally do whats needed and yet SG doesnt let me have them? Whats up with that?

the bonus of the rare titans does not depend on their score I have already won the bonus of the rare titans with category c.

and the bonus chance is VERY small. Many of us don’t even try to bring down rares if we are can’t bring down the same class titan in under 14 hours. You will just waste battle items for a very small chance at a bonus.

Well it isnt arbirtary, it’s defined. If you do a certain % of damage to a titan, you get a certain letter grade. It’s actually exactly a damage based reward system. Only #1 gets A+.

It sounds like your alliance was more top heavy or someone had an extremely strong titan round if 250k wasnt an A+ effort. It frequently is for us on 12* titans.

This explains how most of it works.

If grading was associated on how much damage you deal rather then a chart, there would be probably people throwin 3-4 purple flask on the same titan just to reach the higher damage possible rather then work as a team.

Even more, people much stronger probably going in smaller alliances to do incredible high score and exploit this mechanism.

Nope, it is fine as it is.
Be proud on what you score and don’t bother if with 120k you’re first on a titan, and with 200k third.

Thats something it may happen and it just means your team performance was better overall.
Thats your reward.

I’m am pretty proud of my scores, especially for being pretty much a free player. I try very hard to be a valuable part of my alliance and help the other guys. It just bums me out when a great damage score one day is worth less than way less damage the next.

But you understand someone else in your alliance scored higher than you and got the A+ right? That’s the answer.

You’re helping your alliance by contributing a lot of damage toward killing the titan. Whether it’s A or A+ you’ve done more than your share. Why would you be bummed out about that?

You do know that only the highest score gets an A+, right? There can only be one per Titan. I don’t understand why you think comparing damage on previous Titans is somehow more relevant than the damage on the current Titan.

Maybe your issue is with the letter grading system. If instead of A+, A, B, C it were just #1, #2, #3 etc. would you be bothered at being #2 even though you had the second highest score? Hopefully not, because that would be ridiculous. You might be upset (at yourself or whoever you’re competing with) that you didn’t have the highest score, but you wouldn’t be upset at the rating system.

Did you even read my original post. I know there is only one A+. I’m saying one day an A+ score is 120k damage, next day a 250k damage score was only an A. Why would you be ok with a system that rewards one low score more than one high score? Why should it matter what somebody else scores for my rewards?

Did you even read my post?

Are you sure about that, because everything else you’ve said seems to indicate that you don’t.

Why do you think a previous Titan fight is relevant to your score on the current Titan? It’s absurd. What you’re proposing is this: I scored 150 points in the last game and won. Since I scored 250 points in this game I should have won it too even though my opponent scored more.

I don’t understand why you don’t get that you’re talking about two separate instances. What happened in one has no bearing on what happened in the other.

Why would you want to give the best reward to someone with the second best (or worse) performance?

Killing Titans is a team effort and you’re rewarded based on your performance relative to the rest of the team ON THAT TITAN, not some previous Titan. Clearly you don’t understand the concept of a team/teamwork or discrete events and I’m not interested in explaining them any further. You seem like a pretty selfish player so maybe you’d be happier in your own alliance, by yourself, where you can be A+ on every Titan and not have to worry about being outscored. Good luck beating anywhere near the same level of Titan by yourself, but then maybe you’ll learn the value of having a team around you even if they dare to outscore you.

What’s your problem man? I’m simply suggesting a different tier reward scale for titans. I’m not selfish or misunderstanding or whatever else you have a problem with. I’m just wondering why there can’t be a set damage number for each loot tier. Why can’t we have X damage for an A+, X damage for an A, and so on? Why can’t there be more than one A+ performance? Why can’t we have a consistent number that rewards a player based on what they do, not based on what the rest of the alliance does?

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I think I mostly agree with the OP in some cases. You can only get an A score if you deal 3.3% damage AND are in the top 5. In my experience, there have been a lot of close calls between getting an A or a B amongst a fair amount of heavy hitters. So, adjusting the grading at this level could be beneficial. Keeping an A+ for the top scorer makes sense.

On the other hand, I think going straight to percentage based rewards entirely could promote titan snipers (unsolicited mercenaries), which could be problematic.