Titan reward not issued , map energy not increased and kill blow not counted



the last titan ( not the current one …) rewards is still not issued. I advanced the from level 28 to 29 but the map energy cap is still in 28 . And FINALLY I happen to give the final blow for the first time … and is not counted in my profile .
happen today arround 7:40 ( Finland , Time zone +2)


There are several lvls where the Energy cap does not advance.

Perhaps of interest:


oki doki ! ,… that mystery solved … and the other two ? …
TNX a lot Rook


I’m not sure about the player stats (killing the Titan) or missing reward; I would recommend you report this to Game Support and ask for help. From your in-game screen, click:

Menu > Options > Support (Other)


ok … I already send it , Tnx again Rook !