Titan reset

Alliance - LEVIATHANS -

I’d like to talk about the reset of titan point, the decrease of 5% that should happen every day

This reset has been for months at the same time for our alliance, and the same was for the other … Every one had got a time when the score went down

But something is changed for ten days… Now the reset is every day at a different time… Sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening, the other day we didn’t have the reset

So what is happening? Is this a bug? Or @Petri have you changed something?

I know that is the same for @Xero786 and his friends and I have noticed something strange in all the titan score of the top alliances

I don’t know if there’s a bug or anything, but the first thing I would check is to see if the decrease is related to the time of the last titan kill, occurring at a set interval after the last increase.

I don’t think so… This are our last days
Titan kill at 0.11 am… Titan reset at 3.30 pm… Titan kill 7 pm… Reset at 3.05 pm… Titan kill 3.10pm…titan kill 12.45 pm… Reset 8 am ( 41 hours after the last reset)… Titan kill 1 pm

So as you can see it’s completely random

But for months it has been ALWAYS at the same time! Now something is changed

Titans should always spawn 23 hours after the previous one spawned, regardless of how long it took you to kill it. I haven’t noticed anything different with our titan recently - it spawned at 6:15 today, 7:15 yesterday, 8:15 the day before, etc. If your’s isn’t following this pattern then it might be a bug.

The problem is not the titan spawn, but the titan decrease of score…

oh, mb. No idea exactly how that works.

yeah something definitely has changed here. Not sure if its a bug