Titan Question: Do you always bring Wilbur?

Hi, all. First, allow me to introduce some background information.

My alliance regularly takes on 12* and 13* titans. My heroes usually get one-shot if the titan strikes (except for a few highly emblemed or high defense heroes, such as Boldtusk, Vivica, and Thorne). So, I always bring Wilbur with me. If I cannot stun the titan, I use mana potions to charge up Wilbur and cast his special. That significantly increases my heroes’ survivability and titan score.

However, the problem is that I use a lot of mana potions (mostly minor and regular) in every titian fight. And I am unable to farm enough crafting materials (leather strips, large bones, and roots) at the same rate. So for the past few months, my supplies have been depleting gradually. I still have a good amount of everything, but eventually they will run out.

So my question is how to find a more sustainable way of fighting titans? If I do not use mana potions and Wilbur, I get killed really quickly; but if I keep using them, it does not last forever. Any idea is welcome. Thanks!


This is a great post and ditto everything you’ve said. I alternate using regular mana and tornados sometimes to fire Wilbur too, but tornados are even more expensive to craft.

I’ll be following with interest. :thinking:


I can’t answer the Wilbur question but as a heavy user of mana pots, I can recommend constant farming of S.2 6-9 during Atlantis. It’s the best source (according to Barry) of getting the large bones required for mana pots (and harpoons).

I farm it almost exclusively except when I’m using loot tickets. Then I’ll farm 9.4 for Dragon bones. I could auto farm it as well but I usually do that one when I’m in a hurry, or in the middle of the night.


Thanks for the advice on where to find mana potion materials. I do take advantage of Atlantis Rises to farm for as many materials as possible. Even so, I cannot keep up with the rate at which I spend lol :joy:

I never use Wilbur for titans anymore. The shared damage seems to lead to the whole team dying instead. Turtle banners and axes can mitigate the one shots usually. Sometimes use timestops instead. Having to carry 2 off color heroes (Wilbur and Miki) for a titan hurts the possible damage too much for my taste.


That’s a good point. I only worry that this strategy will lead me to be short on materials needed to craft banners and axes lol :rofl:

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I’m actually not a fan of Wilbur. But part of it is misuse. I don’t like to set off specials too early. I’d rather stun and then set off the specials (if they’re not already going) if I see something sweet. Do I miss opportunities? Yes. But it’s how I go.

My solution is heavy color stacking. Go mono or 4-1 as it’s rule damage that matters. If I lose a hero, so what - I still get the tile damage.

I use arrows a lot. Plus turtle banner. Those are my faves. Then I bring minor mana but more often than not, I don’t use them.

The titan specialists I use the most is Wu. I’d rather a different specialist, but alas I don’t have one.


Thanks! A lot of people have recommended me to use the banners. I will certainly give it a try.

You know my answer here Light, but for the sake of forum discussion, I will weigh in.

For guys punching up to titans generally above their rosters weight class, Wilbur is a must IMHO and there isn’t another easily accessible and ascendable hero that will do what wilbur does for you.

There isn’t an easy answer to the mat issue though. I am constantly almost out of mini mana pots. Best advice is to just be conservative with them. If the board is crap, don’t waste the items.


I know what you mean, but I’d note he is in S2. Wu is the most easily accessible as he is S1.

But your point is valid.


agreed on S1 v S2. But we are talking survivability, which Wu actively hurts.

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I’ve recently been struggling to keep my small mana pot production afloat too. There was a post made a few days ago demanding that they bring back the 100 small mana pot sale they included in the hunters special in the shop and I wish they’d bring it back too.

I bought that special EVERY time it came around. it was crazy helpful.

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I started checkin the hunter special every day because of it. Still do in case they bring it back but I doubt it makes a comeback.

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Only for nature and dark titans here – I don’t have W. Rabbit nor Vivica costumed.

Every other titan I would rather bring a strong color stack. So it’s Grimm, Tiburtus and Buddy respectively for fire, holy and ice.

Thanks for all the input, guys! I think I am going to switch to the “axes + turtle banners” strategy for a while to see how it works; and in the meantime let my mana potions supply replenish.


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