Titan points

Loosing Titan points
We have been killing titan 10 on a row and loosing points instead of winning.
Something is going on and the support gives no answer, I want my money back

Are you sure there is a problem? The score is decreasing all 24h. Thats normal.
Do you keep record of the score so we could evaluate the problem?

How can ot decrease if we are killing them
We killed in 11m and have been killing them before 12h

I don’t know the answer but my guess would be due to there being stronger more star number titans now, they decreased the amount of titan points for 10* and increased the decay points for killing a 10*. So basically to gain titan points past a certain threshold the alliance will have to kill 11, 12, 13, 14 star titans? Just my assumptions nothing concrete or validated.

There are two things happening simultaneously:

  1. there is a score decay happening all the time (see Caeleste’s post above)

  2. your alliance’s wins (and even a percentage of their losses), offset this.

Have you done the math to see if something is off? Are you beating all your 10* Titans, or is there a periodic escape?

UI bug.

There is some sort of cache for various bits of information in the interface, and the cache is not refreshed well and sometimes an old value is displayed.

Seeing the exact same values, simple fix: kill your application, relaunch it, and that will trigger a new server request which should give an accurate titan score.

Otherwise Caeleste is correct, you will see a 5% decay every 24h, typically by Alliance creation time but server side issues can change this apparently (screwball patch at one point hosed up both our titan spawn time and our decay time in Departed).

If you fight 10* Titan you win 4,000 (400x10*) points for every defeated titan. All 24h you loose automatically 5%. If your titanscore ist above 80,000 points you loose more than 4,000 points (80,000x0.05=4,000) so doing the math: if the titanscore is above 80,000 you need 11* titans to get a higher titanscore.

Before you ask “how is it possible to get a titan score higher than 84000 without titans with more than 10* like it used to be before version 1.12”
Decay all 24 hours, 10* titan spawned and defeated all 23hours - - > after 24 days your score was 24 times reduced but 25 titans can be defeated.

Killing them all , over 40 titan already in a row

If you have killed 40 ten* Titans in a row and your score only goes down, I would certainly immediately contact Game Support for help:


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