Titan Parts - Some Assembly Required

So when do we get to use all these titan parts to build titans and send them out to do battle with titans from other alliances?

Just wondering. :grin:


Well actually what’s going to happen is that they will need to adjust the titan parts because they’ve given us too many, so they will further tweak and reduce the titan loots because, well reasons.

just think tournament loot, but replace tournament with titan. you’re welcome :wink:

Is this really a thing? That was my first thought when I started getting titan parts as drops. I think it’s a super cool thing to add to the game. I think maybe it could be done like in a war aspect or just small titan fights like raids.

Nope, this has never been discussed by the developers.

BTW I changed the thread title to better reflect the idea here.

I think it could be an awesome feature to add to the game! Hope the developers see the suggestion. Any ideas on how it would work?

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