Titan Parts Loot Tier Drop Tracking – show me your drops

Alliance member swares the only reason the guage is there is because the more harpoons used the greater % of higher * Titan parts beyond just from getting more. I disagree, but to no avail, so he continues to push alliance to use more harpoons.

I can’t prove or disprove either point so after 3rd discussion have held my peace for that reason. It’s all cordial and respectful, but if he is right then it would be to our advantage to use more harpoons and if not the data so far shows less parts per harpoon as you climb tiers.

I figured this is the best thread in which to ask this question and apologize if I’m simply creating more work for someone or more than one person,. However, I do think this is something we all would like to know and perhaps the answer is already out there. Let me also express my appreciation for the great job being done here and throughout the forums!


show him this :arrow_down:

tier 1 harpoon loot tier 13:

tier increases drops as follows, meaning that for tier 13, harpoon tier 3, drops will be 6+2+5 = 13

you dont believe it? see below tier 13 drops for harpoon tier 3

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also this is the ratio that decreases when going for higher harpoon tiers


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It will drop more titan parts… not parts with more stars that is just random… as Boolz said we can just know the number of titan parts… wich one its just random.
That being said more parts mean more chances of high star pieces…
Now considering the “price” of harpoons is it worth for a few more pieces? That answer only your alliance members can decide.

Thank you so much for clearing that up for us, it is appreciated. In the tracking of the titan parts are there plans to track the drop rate grouped by item stars? I and others would like to know the drop percentages per star grouping or by individual titan parts themselves. Does this question not peak the curiosity of anymore of the community? Now I know I ‘m creating more work for some or someone. I’ll cook you a vegetarian dinner. :smile:

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Is this what your looking for?

What a great guide, thanks. What I was curious about is if you were separating the Titan parts by how many 1* Titan parts do the titans drop as well as 2* parts, 3* parts and 4* parts. Maybe I’m asking for too much, after all I’m not the one doing the number crunching, organizing and presentation. Again, thank you for all your hard work as well as all those who contribute. I would also, but screenshots won’t work.

I did initially think about it, that’s what the results in the 4th post here are from but to get any useful results from it you need to collect so much data at all the loot tiers and all the harpoon tiers.

if you find low lvl titans alliances to post here, thats great…

normally the +8 titans hunters are on this forum; active at least (proactive :smiley: )

Just wanted to say thanks.

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There you go. Tier 1 HARPOONS


Needed Tier 1 (or 2 or 3) harpoon titan parts loot drops for the following tiers:

Tier Parts Found Link Thanks go to
1 1 1pic @mattp169
4 2 up pic @Peterenp
5 2 5pic @Boolz
6 2 6pic @Peterenp
7 3 up pic @Peterenp
8 3 up pic @Peterenp
9 4 up pic @Peterenp
10 4 10pic @Cvs
11 5 11pic @Cvs
12 5 up pic @Peterenp
13 6 up pic @Peterenp
14 6 up pic @Peterenp
15 7 up pic @Peterenp
16 7 16pic @Rfm

9* titan (not rare), loot tier 11, damage rank A, 5 parts


6* rare, A+ performance, tier X, harpoon bar completely filled, 11 parts:


7star regular Titan, my first heart :grinning:


Here are some 3*'s:
2019-07-12, a normal 3*, 1st harpoontier, A+ damage resulted in VI loot:

2019-07-14, a normal 3*, 2nd harpoontier, A damage resulted in V loot:


8* titan, 2nd harpoon tier, loot tier 10, damage rank A, 6 parts plus 2x 3* AM :smile:


@_John_Doe I had an interesting discussion with @Madmarv regarding the % of 4* parts compared to overall titan parts. It’s still too early but consider possibly better 4* parts drop rate for higher tier. Anyway you can track for this?

Both Madmarv and I probably started getting titan parts within a day from when this was implemented.

Both our alliances only face 12* titans and main difference is his alliance hits tier2 while ours is mostly tier1. We reached tier 2 a 4x for rares and test on regular titan.

So overall the number of 1,2,3* parts were similar but on 4* parts, he has more than double what I have.

He has 13 hearts and 8 skulls, compared to 3 hearts, 6 skulls for me. Like he said, maybe there is a benefit besides an extra part for the additional expenditures to hit higher tier.

Well, it can be.

What I observed is that B, A rank have a better chance to get hearts and skulls.

Perhaps Im wrong but i didnt get more than spine from C rank.

So its about rank too… Not just tier…

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