Titan' parts are generic and for what?

Great idea to have titan drop for crafting in Hunter’s lodge with the harpoon system adding more team spirit.
However it could be much more incentive:

  • type of titans part are generic. It could be specific by titan. It would be more realistic and would give incentive to beat specific titan even if they are stronger
  • some part of this titan, linked to its colour, could be used to craft ascension items of the same colour in the lodge. Very incentive and since this part would be rare (depending of titan) it would be like colour quest.

I think this would add team spirit to help someone in the team to grab its final ascension item he is waiting for so long time

If rotation of titan colors would be a bit more evenly spread that would be a nice addition for the titan drops.
But as long as we still see that the last 10 titans only have 2 different colors, I see this could get frustrating very fast.


This is another issue that should be fixed. The colour of 12* titan should of course change regularly

Yep…recently the titans in one alliance is red (last 2) and in the other they are purble (last 3). So not useful to relay it to a certain titan even if it is funny to get titan parts from titans not having them :rofl:

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I wonder if there are any titans that have a heart!
If I see with how much joy the keep killing my hero’s I am pretty sure they cannot have a heart at all…


I got to ask a biologist if titans got eggs or give birth to alive babies…not sure.:thinking: oh wait! I studied biology! Darn…must have missed this session about titans. No idea…are they reptiles?


Maybe I missed it, or it will be a surprise. What do we do with the titan parts? Any specifics on what we can craft with them? Ascension mats? High-level supplies from Hunter’s Lodge? Something else?

It’s an interesting suggestion, but I’d wait for it until you know what the parts are actually used for. It’s already hard to collect anything useful in the game, you don’t want to add another thing which would be at least just as hard to collect

We already know titan parts will be used for crafting new items in Hunter lodge. But nothing very knew in these new items I thing

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