Titan Parts and Loot Slots

Out of curiosity, the use of harpoons and encouraging titan parts drops. Is this affecting chances of ascension mats because slots are being taken up my titan parts slots?

Simply put, are we making a trade off, reducing the chance of common loot rolls for titan parts?

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It doesn’t appear additional. When I grade B on a 12* titan, it’s 13 slots including however many slots taken up by titan parts. Not 13 plus titan parts.

Obviously, if you’re gonna get a mat, you’re just gonna. But it appears to me, chances are reduced by slots being taken up by titan parts.

Nope. From last Titan. Loot X, that means 3 slots for Ascension Materials.
Tonic, Shield and strong Rope, three slots as expected.


I guess titan parts occupy slots for crafting mats, not for ascension mats.

Titan parts occupy newly-created slots. They don’t replace anything existing.


Are you sure? Is this a official post about it? Sorry didin"t mean to be blunt but my allies are asking:)


Many posts on titan loot.

(TITAN LOOT SLOTS: Do the titan parts dropped with harpoon affect the ascension mats drop rate? Tech / Math reply needed)


I don’t work for SG, so I can’t make “official” posts.

However, I have tracked titan loot for months, and I can 100% confirm that none of the legacy loot slots have disappeared. There are exactly as many ascension material slots, battle item slots, crafting material slots, loot ticket slots, etc., as there were before titan parts. Titan parts are additional items, not replacements for other loot.

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