Titan Participation Incentive

I would like to propose that the reward system for Titan battles be overhauled to reflect the individuals participation. Currently, alliance members who barely contribute to the killing of a Titan have just as much chance of being rewarded as those who regularly contribute and/or contribute good scores over the time of the Titan. I believe that by rewarding players based on their participation in killing the Titan, alliance members have MORE incentive to contribute.


Huh? Don’t you know about performance scores? (the A+ / A / B / C / D scores)

Nothing feels better than having your newest alliance teammate stand up and kill the Titan that has under 1k left because the heavy hitters just couldn’t get it done. Then everyone gets credit for killing the Titan. Oh, and there are A+, A, B, C, & D loot levels.

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If you only reward the heavy hitters of an alliance, how do you expect the weaker/newer members to get stronger. More chances for everyone to get stuff would be great but just rewarding the top to me would not be fair.


This is basically what old school titans were like; they changed it at some point for the better.

End of the day, if the people aren’t contributing and you’re trying to run a competitive alliance, then consider removing them. If you’re running a casual alliance then don’t care… or if you aren’t running the alliance, maybe find one more to taste in this case.

FWIW I can empathize, I’m struggling somewhat on the alt to find an alliance that while not uber competitive (I get enough of that with my main, though maybe I just need to suck it up) but one where people aren’t phoning it in too. Might take a while, every place I’ve found so far has some things which are non-trivially annoying TBH, but better to have a decent home than no home at all… looking for perfection on the alt is a foolish errand to be sure.

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Unlike some of these responses, I shall attempt to be thoughtful in my replies. Firstly, my post was in regards to “participation” in defeating the Titan and not to overall scores that would quite clearly advantage those who have elected to pay-to-win. Secondly, my post was in regards to “participation” in defeating the Titan and not the Titan reward loot system which on a side note is no guarantee of reward for effort as we well know. Participation (i.e. the number of times an individual attacks the Titan over its life span which is already recorded) could be rewarded with a gem tier system. I’m not suggesting ascension items be the reward but maybe a few extra gems for those that make more of a regular effort to bring down a Titan.


I shall go one step further and suggest that in addition to any loot rewarded for battling the Titan, each time an individual attacks the Titan they earn 2 gems to a maximum of 10 gems. A nice incentive for regular PARTICIPATION.


I appreciate your clarification, Relic. It may be my own ignorance but I believe all alliance members don’t always start a Titan fight at the same time, or with the same number of flags. How would this factor into your proposed rewards system?

I like the “participate more and you get a small but direct reward”-idea!

Its definately something SGG should consider! :slight_smile:

Hi Azure. Different time zones and flags doesn’t factor in to it. The whole idea is to have an added incentive for alliance members to participate in killing the Titan where they can and to whatever degree they can. I have seen members log in to the game but not bother hitting the Titan (probably because they had low level heroes and believed there was little point to sacrificing their team for little result). I have also seen members choose not to hit a Titan that was unlikely to be defeated in order to retain flags for the next Titan. I believe a participation reward (I.e. gems) might encourage people to contribute.

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I like the idea.
(The responses you got, to be fair, was a result of a lack of clarity in the original post - I thought the same when first reading it. Good that you clarified).

Running an alliance, I find the policing of participation a bit of a faff… especially as the game provides little by way of tools to help with this. If there were a more concrete small reward for taking part then I think this may tip the balance a bit and make participation more self-policing. There’s no downside to trying… only the annoyance of having a team wipe in a bad battle. But if you get something for it, you’re likely to persist.

Yeh… get annoyed by people who play, join an alliance, and then don’t take part in Titan battles. That’s largely the POINT of an alliance.

Count on my support for this idea.

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Thanks for your support, Infinity. I tried to keep my original post short because most people won’t bother reading a post when they think it’s too long. So, I agree that it could’ve been clearer. I guess the irony is that with all the subsequent replies for the purposes of clarification, I might as well have just made my original post an epic :laughing:.

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I like this 1 hit=1 gem idea, replacing the random gem role. Is it exactly fair on every titan? No, but over the course of a week or month, those who use (nearly) all their titan flags get a better reward than those who don’t.

We have some alliance members who might use 3 or 4 hits, but don’t make an effort to get all their hits in. Those 3 or 4 hits may put them into the C or even B performance tier, no different than most who worked to get in all their hits. This proposed link between gems and hit count, rather than score, would be a nice yet not overpowered way of encouraging consistent participation.


Thanks Kerridoc. I couldn’t agree more. Clearly other alliances are experiencing the same frustrations from poor (or non) participation. Recruiting members for an alliance is difficult at the best of times, so constantly kicking people only to have to find replacements, in my opinion, is a poor alternative to an incentive scheme.

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My only negative thought is that you can currently get more gems than hits so you would lose that, although with the times you get 1 gem, it probably averaged put to around a gem a hit now so probablt wouldn’t impact total gems

Fair point, but that’s something that could be tweaked. Perhaps reduce the range of the random gem roll rather than eliminating it. Or 1 gem/hit if the Titan escapes, 2 gems/hit if it is defeated.

I agree the net gem flow shouldn’t be reduced. A slight uptick wouldn’t hurt.

I do like this idea. Currently, it is difficult to track the amount of hits people do on a titan, since the first you can’t view anymore. I do keep track of people missing the titans altogether, but I do have a few members that could do more attacks in my opinion.
For me a better feature would be to be able to see the amount of hits everyone did when the titan is defeated, I could talk to people about the lack of activity there.
@Revelate My alliance might be what you are looking for for your secondary account. We are full again, but if you are interested, leave a message in my recruiting topic, I will let you know if we get an opening.

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This is truly a good idea. there are always those few members that hit once just to stay in the alliance but don’t put an effort into killing the titans.
@Konijntje I could definitely get behind been able to see the number of hits each member did, maybe when titan score comes up just with an extra column.
Name\Hit score\number of hits


After reading every comment the only thing I’m unsure of is if a member doesn’t attack the Titan and our alliance defeats it, does the member that didn’t attack still get some sort of reward? Like a consolation reward for being in the alliance?

The alliance I run has pretty simple rules to follow. Participate in titans/war. Miss 3 & get kicked. It’s cut/dry & to the point. Sadly, we have had people miss 2 play one to escape that Titan rule but after realizing what they were doing & talking to them to no avail, they got kicked.

Sorry for the babble :joy: just really wondering if the entire alliance gets rewards on their tier whether they participate or not? (I.e. no attacks but still gets rewards?)

If you don’t hit the titan, you don’t get any loot. This thread goes into more detail about how the loot tiers work Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

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