Titan not available for me to hit when still alive for other alliance members

5 hours ago I was online and i checked the titan and it says there’s about 11hrs more for titan to appear but other people in our alliance is killing it and it died without me seeing it. i also didn’t get notification that titan is dead and if i get any loot when it died about 4 hrs ago.

Honestly it sounds like it is with your phone.

Don’t follow these directions if you are a novice

  • MOST IMPORTANT: Go to Options, About and write down your Account: (e.g. #W00MMM)
  • Verify you are connected to facebook
  • Verify that you are logged into Gamecenter (ios) or Google
  • Delete the game
  • Re-download the game

This should fix it.
If it doesn’t, or if you suddenly have lost everything (inexplicably)… you can email support with your Account number and they can help you get your account back. You only will need to email support if you follow these directions and something weird happens because your account was messed up on one of those services, you weren’t logged in, or other issues occurred.

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