Titan non-hit list

We already have a list of people who HAVE hit the titan with the scores they’ve received, but how about a list of people who HAVE NOT hit the titan while the titan is active. It takes alot of time and frustration going through the list of members and titan hit list to see who has not hit the titan.


Good idea. Once the titan is dead, they show which members dealt 0 damage, and they could simply implement the same system while the titan is active.


Absolutely wonderful idea!

I do not have the ability to compare two lists without seeing them side by side. Thus, when trying to find out who is still missing in the titan, I always have to ask somebody else.

Such a feature would be a godsent!

Before somebody laughs:

  1. there are people who do not have this ability
  2. sometimes, alliance members leave and others join. It may be easy to see that your best buddy and founding member is missing. But how about the new member who joined yesterday?

I just discovered this groundbreaking new tech that helps immensely. I think it was called “pen and paper” or something… :pencil2: :spiral_notepad:


Absolutely not! , there’s no wau I’m pulling out pen and paper for the game.


Well yes. That is how I did it.
Then I broke my right arm, got a cast, and was unable to write or even tick off names on the list.

Up the creek without a paddle.

Of course, it is often possible to compensate. But if that becomes impossible … then what?

I am typing this wirh the little finger of my left hand …

It would literally be just a few code lines to list all alliance members and their damage on current titan ( zero or otherwise) , rather than just the people who have hit so far. There is no downside.

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Only thing is the list isn’t about who in the alliance has dealt damage… It’s about who has hit titans. I’ve seen a member leave the alliance via rage quit, but their score stays on the list even though it doesn’t match alliance list.

In short, no its not just a code adaption that takes maybe 2 lines… The things are not currently linked at all so you are presently asking the entire community roster to be listed as 0 damage to your titan.

I’m not saying it’s not possible - but oversimplification of what is necessary has happened so I’m clearing up just how wrong you are. The developers job isn’t that simple

Man that’s just completely over thinking things, i understand if someone hits the titan then leaves that their name is still on the titan hit list, my point was to have a list of people who “have not” dealt damage to the titan while still active.

I am still not convinced it can be hard, I admit I had not thought about people leaving an alliance during a titan though. I’ve no idea how the data is structured server side, but I might guess there is a structure that has a titanid unique per each titan, playerID, and total damage done. And that there is an alliance member structure of allianceid and playerid. To display a joined list of damage from both places , including zero damage alliance members would therefore be simple.

Can’t see it happening though , there are more exciting things to do for the devs! I currently keep our alliance titan records in excel, including metrics such as average damage , personal bests, attendance etc against a range of measures such a date , titan color etc.

… but I like to make things complicated, Cabin Boy Peters keeps the data up to date, I asked Joon - but he got quite angry

If they were to make the code that displays the list of damage dealt generate with alliance member id’s set to 0 there wouldn’t be a problem… What I see being the issue is after it is generated if new members arrive but don’t hit the titan. In those instances the player base would want to know why those people aren’t included in the list…

But for that to happen they would have to add code that not only refreshes when the list of alliance ids change but then add only new ids to the list. As user id’s are not unique in the game I forsee there being errors where titan damage is misrepresented due to those refreshes…

Oh and as you said they have other things to work on. This small quality of life improvement simply won’t be an undertaking for some time of at all. It could be done, but again everyone is underestimating how simple a task it would be.

With a very high imaginary turnover rate in the alliance, there could be 40 people that hit on titan, another 20 who came and went that did not. When titan dies the loot is divided among the members at that moment. It is not up to SG to keep track of everyone all the time.

Good idea. People in our alliance are asking for this as well.

A simple list that shows people in the alliance at this time, that did not hit the titan yet. That should really not be so hard, should it? Might make it easier to maintain a high level alliance. We do this pretty much every day by hand now.

But you seem to think letting the game do this for you is a bad idea … Can you explain why?

Absolutely, for the simple fact thats its a pain switching from menu to menu back and forth, half the time i try to do it faster each time, end up missing who im actually looking for and doing it all over again, sometimes 3 or 4 times depending on how much of a rush im in.

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Great Idea, this is the reason I just signed up for this forum. Alliance leaders need an easy way to identify who hasn’t hit a titan. Constant jumping from the titan top attacker list to the alliance list is tiresome.

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This is the best response ive gotten yet, you have no idea how bad ive been pulling my hair out on comments of people saying that is either not a good idea or other ways to do it, its a game im making an office for it lol, but others have said it was a good idea also, im not complaining about them.

I think its a great idea.

Just initially add all alliance members to the score list with 0 dmg. Skip the join/leave-ers.

3 lines of code and a lot less hassle for alliance leaders/co-leaders for tracking titan stats.

Pen and paper works, it just sucks having to do it.

Do non hitters get a chest if the titan is killed?

Non hitter get nothing if they dont hit.
No loot, no kill, no fame or glory.