Titan Must Die Is looking for a new member

Titan Must Die has 1 spot open. We are a mature and experienced alliance. Just be active and have fun! 4000 TP 2000 cups required. Currently on 12 star Titans. Check us out!

Why do you have so strict requirements for applying? The best (and not at least most loyal) players are the ones you build up from the scratch.
I’m just curious… :thinking:

If you look through our line up. We have a lot of players that have grown up here. The reason for the requirements is so our new members are strong enough to enjoy the game.

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Sorry, but I couldn’t find your line-up. But even so, the last member will enjoy the game even from scratch, and the rewards from titans and your war chest will make him/her grow fast!

Anyway, it’s your call in the end, but I was just wondering…

Reason is simple.

If you’re competing at a high level, most alliances at that level want homogeneous teams. New/small players can be a drag down on the team (as compared to another strong player) until they reach a similar level of play.


As I’ve already said: it’s your call…

Just had a spot open up.

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Still need 1 new member.

Great alliance! :grinning:

Thanks MMage, still looking for 1.

Looking for 3 spots. Bring your friends.

Still looking for members, bring some friends.

Great Alliance check us out! :smiley:

Still looking, check us out.

Looking for new members, bring a friend or two.

Check us out! We currently have a few spots open. Bring a friend! :grinning:

Check us out if you want a great home, bring your friends.

Still looking for new members. Check us out!

Check us out! We currently have a few spots open. Great group of people. Bring a friend! :grinning:

Join our great guild. Bring a friend.

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