Titan more resistant/attacks more aggressively when Wu Kong is used

Whenever I add Wu Kong to the team to fight the titan, the usual 3 tiles, which usually paralyze the titan, don’t keep it from attacking by hitting its “weak spot”!
Wu Kong already increases the chance of failing attacks by 32% anyway - also increasing the resistance of the titan and allowing it to still attack, even though it was hit by 3 tiles in its weak spot, is really unreasonable hardship against players! Please make sure the titan doesn’t get more aggressive respectively resistant and imperishable than it is usual when players use certain heroes.

This has nothing to do with the titan being more aggressive. It is not being stunned because one of the three tiles hitting it has missed. This indeed does make Wu Kong more challenging to use against titans, but is intended behavior. You wouldn’t expect a tile that misses to stun a titan, right?


Just look at Wu’s one skill. Makes hits miss. If you don’t hit the titan why would you expect it to stun it? Switch to Tarlak if you want guaranteed hits with a good hit dmg increase.

This because the miss chance of Wu’s skill … some times a tile or 2 misses the hit so it willbe concider as 1 tile/2 s hits the titan not 3 so there is no stun.
Its Wu’s fault not the titans.
PS: some titans just don’t like to be hitten by a monkey. Cause the have superior attitude as they are dragons and Wu is just a (yellow) monkey!

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Nope. They either miss all or hit all - it’s never just one out of three missing…
Doesn’t apply.
Even when he hits, the titan does attack - I have video proof, but videos are not enabled here.

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