Titan missing why?

I was attacking a titan almost finished, with A + and good board and when the titan has disappeared. Are they going to make up for it with a jar? Do you think that an A + of an 11 * titan is a bottle?

What? It just went up in smoke? Disappeared form the map?! How about the titan menu? Nothing there? Does it countdown to the next titan? How long? Any mention about the titan in the recent activity log?

Yes, as it sounds, it disappeared. When calculating the damage a sign “is attacking a titan that does not exist” and instead had the typical image of “soon the next titan will come out”. Several minutes later I connected and had returned as I was before attacking him. I dont smoke.

Just got the same message “attacking a Titan that does not exist…” And looks like I got kicked from my alliance. I will give it a few minutes and see if the Titan and alliance return.

After reconnecting, Titan and alliance have returned with stats as before.

Strange things happening today… not long ago I wasn’t able to connect and after a long while I got the default servers full message… must be related to the version change maintenence break.

There was actually a brief server hiccup, apparently.

That’s understandable, no big deal, but never heard about a similar titan situation… SG should compensate those who lost flags… those fighting 10* up probably used heavy battle items during the fight, not counting the 4 hours delay and lost points…


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