Titan & Miki & Another Titan heroes

Not long ago, the mythical titan appeared. However, Miki’s acquisition difficulty is too high. Many existing users got her relatively easily. Not only that, I think the difference in performance between Miki and other Titan heroes is severe. Mythic Titan is their(Oldbie’s) own league. Upgrade of other Titan heroes, the release of a new Taitan hero, or Mickey’s nerf… etc What do we need? What do you think about it?

I think the House of Mouse might be a bit peeved if SGG encroached on their IP.


Titan Mickey says “Fork off, dude, or I’ll whack you with my spoon!”


Oh my… Miki… My mistake




I can still see the mouse in your post. Though Miki is already a past HOTM, he may still be acquired through the Tavern of Legends or Hero Academy level 10, along with Ranvir. The next best attack booster, and preferred one against blue titans, is Tarlak, who is available every month thru the Atlantis portal. Another alternative is Guardian Gazelle appearing every Teltoc event. If you don’t have any of those aforementioned heroes, then the next best recourse is to acquire, level, ascend, max and perhaps emblem our very own old Wu Kong, which is relatively easy to obtain, level, ascend, max and emblem. I am probably threading this path only for Mythic titans since I don’t have Tarlak and Ranvir (not really a fan of the latter).

EDIT: And with regards to nerfing Miki, please, don’t dare.

Miki is not overpowered to get a nerf. Can use miki mostly against titans and in event. I have no idea why ur asking to nerf miki. Instead request to get better costume for Wu kong or ask for a new Titan hero (Hotm). Try to get Miki from tavern or hero academy.

Note : I don’t have miki :slight_smile:

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as far as things go miki is only great against titans and mediocre everywhere else.

Nerfing… Miki!!! Seriously??? O SG look at where your TelluriaGate brought us… Well done SG, well done.

All 5* titan buffer and all elemental debuffeur shall be easily accessible to all through the TC 20.

Titans and also challenge events and now ninja towers are a main part of this game so I really believe everyone should have access to these hereroes easily otherwise they will never be able to compete.

I’m a Miki owner and I found it unfair that new players have to struggle with this frustrating monkey. Same can be said about those who have to use a 3* hero (nordi) to have decent titan scores on 14* titans… this is nonsense :roll_eyes:


Everyone has an opportunity to obtain Miki - via Taverns of Legends portal and he will also be back in Atlantis portal as a featured hero. Are the odds as good as the 1.3% when he was HOTM? No. But there is still a chance.
Not to mention, SGG could very well release a new Titan hero in 2021 and Miki would be irrelevant. I still remember when all we had was Wu Kong as the only titan hero. Then Tarlak was the ‘must-have’ hero.

I am not focusing on nerfs, but rather asking how fair we can access new events. It is about the difficulty of acquiring essential heroes to attack Titan. Of course this can’t be perfectly fair, but I think it’s too difficult.

P.S. I really like ‘Disney Mouse’ that I wrote badly. So I left one.

Why do you attribute the misguided request of nerfing Miki to the Telluria incident? It doesn’t make any sense.

Unfortunately, only Wu Kong can be obtained from TC20. If all prized heroes are available at the training camps, nobody else will be summoning, resulting to the loss of revenue, thus no more server maintenance and new content. That would be tantamount to a dying, if not dead, game. And players will. Be finding their time playing other match 3 games.

We’ll, there’s Wu Kong. The other better ones are behind a paywall as usual, or that player get lucky using free summons able to pull Miki, or Tarlak, or Guardian Gazelle, or Ranvir, or all, if not most or some, of them. I only have Miki, 2 Gazelles and Wu Kong. And I am planning to get the least expensive of them all, Wu Kong, 2 of him actually, for mythic titans as it is highly impractical to get, level and ascend another Miki and/or Gazelle. Would love to have Tarlak though.

I agree. I can’t tolerate anymore Wu’s misses. But for what it’s worth, he is the least expensive to acquire, level, max and emblem. It’s like driving a Kia and a Pontiac. If you want the luxury item, you gotta pay for it. Yeah. Life is unfair. Everybody knows that. Talk about unfair, our daily minimum wage for an honest 8-hour work is around US$ 10.00. Go figure.

Again with this weak argument really??

People won’t chase mikki in ToL portal the odds are lesser than winning the lottery.

People also won’t stop spending because they can have an easy access to a titan buffer/ an elemental debuffeur. On the other hand, people will certainly quit the game and stop spending when they will realize that cannot compete in PvE events because they joined the game too late or they had no chance before.


Then debunk it. All you have are merely conjectures.

And yet people are still summoning in ToL. Haven’t you?

We’ll, you’re the financial expert or lawyer of some sorts. Go apply SG and convince them of your plans of grandeur.

I’m just using the same argument as you do. You sate that people won’t spend anymore because they have easy access to mikki/fridda. I’m saying they will keep pulling cause there are tons of other hereos that are desirable mainly for war/raid.

Why would I? The odds are terrible and even if you are pulling a past HotM there are more chances it will be an undesirable one than a really wanted one. Just calculate how many hotm per year are really worth it? Let’s take 2020? How many would you really want? Malosi? Thats the only one I see that is very desirable…

No you are not.

That is correct.

LOL. Why would they go to the summoning gates when you wanted those prized heroes accessible from the training camps:

I dunno if you are taking something or just a


Finley, odin, frigg, cobalt, bk and all the other so OP hereos would still be in the other portal.

I’m just tlaking about titan buffer/elemental debuffeur who shall all be easily accessible through TC 20 cause there are absolutely necessary to enjoy the PvE part of this game.

I have all of them so I don’t personally cares for the record but I think it would be fair for everyone else. Otherwise only a few people can have access to the major prize in events.

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Per chance, are you realy that a lawyer or something of a professional? Saying profanities only tells your character. Sorry, but I won’t stoop down to your level. Good luck to you and your rants against Small Giant. Maybe it’s time for you to leave the game instead of spreading negativity in the forum.

Please be respectful and within the #forum-rules. Thank you.

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