Titan Mercing for PoV and Loot


I know that mercing sounds like a huge, stressful faff to some people or just feels too complicated to bother with, so wanted to write a quick guide for my alliance, and figured I’d share it around - both to help others, and in case I missed anything. :slight_smile:


Home Titans

Most alliances would rather you obviously focus on your home Titan, so this takes priority to me personally. I will only Merc on a passed Titan.


Assuming you want to take part in war, the following is vital:

  1. You MUST be there for Matchmaking - this is approximately 24 hours before the war starts. Missing this doesn’t affect your alliance, but means you’ve missed the war. Also, if you were in a different alliance at this point you’ve also reset your war chest. This is the only way I know of that mercing can wreck your war chest progress whilst mercing.
  2. Once matchmaking has completed (5 or 10 minutes I think), you are free to Merc again
  3. You MUST be back before war starts. If you are not, your alliance loses your 6 flags and you count as not hitting. Most alliances will be pretty miffed if you don’t get back for this, and rightly so.
  4. Once you’ve taken your 6 hits in war, you should stay until the war is done. Leaving early after these hits won’t affect your alliance, but will mean the game counts you as not taking part in the war. This won’t reset your war chest, but this war won’t count towards it.

Mythic Titans

It looks like leaving an alliance during a Mythic Titan means that your score DOESN’T CONTRIBUTE TO ANY ALLIANCE, tho still counts for yourself. So you might want to avoid changing alliances during a Mythic Titan.

Your Purpose


So, you have spare flags, and you want some loot. Well, good news - I’ve found that killing other people’s titans (even with reduced tier loot) gets me between about 50k and 200k ham AND iron. I’ve also had WE flasks, backpacks and the occasional gem… However, it’s worth noting the following:

  1. Reduced Loot (killing a Titan that spawned before you joined or was killed within 12 hours of you joining) is not good. The ONLY reason I do it is for the ham and iron. Anything else is a genuine bonus.
  2. When I say 50k - 200k, I’m level 71. My SH is level 25, and all my storages (and advanced storages) are maxed. If you are a lower level, your loot won’t be this good. I believe it goes off your max storage capacity but could be wrong.
  3. Rare titans don’t give you a chance at the 4* AM. They are just harder to kill.

With that in mind, and knowing that my current (laid back) alliance takes down 11s, but I’ve been part of alliances that have taken down a 14 rare before… I generally aim for:

  1. A 1*-7* Titan
  2. Ideally around 100k health remaining
  3. Folks won’t often say, so I don’t tend to have a colour preference, tho if they say red I’ll be a bit happier :wink:
  4. I’ll never go much over 300k, even if I’m desperate and noone had posted in a while (tho of noone has posted in a while, you know there will be more people waiting along with you, so it will do down faster when you do get one - wait time matters)
  5. Always bear the capacity of an alliance and the time remaining in mind. If there’s 300k left and you have somewhere to be, or if there’s only 10 minutes left, it might not go well. Also if there’s only 1 remaining space, and 200k left, again, you could be in for a wait…
  6. I (almost) never use more than 1 hit per Titan
  7. If it’s under 50k it’ll be dead soon, join quick, hit the titan, then chat. This is generally what I do anyway. And as for the chat, it depends if I can be bothered. Sometimes I’ll say “Thanks” sometimes I’ll reply “You’re Welcome”, sometimes I’ll just leave. Same is true of the alliance - don’t be sensitive, it’s just a tit-for-tat transaction - you’re getting loot, they’re getting their Titan deaded :wink:

Path of Valor

The main think to note here is that the requirements have gone back and forth, so watch out. As I write this there is no minimum Titan level requirement. But there has been in the past. If this is your reason for mercing, make sure to pay attention. Otherwise it’s the same as Loot.

Plain Ol’ Helping Out

I’ve only ever been in alliances who have asked the help of friends or people they knew, never strangers, yet I’ve seen people ask for help for millions of damage. On the flip side I would also never help folks asking this. I guess I’m just not that selfless. :wink:

If it were me, I’d never ask help of strangers where the Titan was over 400k, but I’ve no experience with this. Please post below if you do any have suggestions.

The Actual Process

  1. Leave your alliance - whether this is your proper one or the one you just helped. Say goodbye or whatever if you do and leave. You don’t want that faff when you find the (next) target.
  2. Go to the Global > General Chat (of you get impatient you can cycle through the different ones, but this is most common)
  3. Wait for a Titan that fits your criteria. I would start with:
  • Look for a Titan around 100k or lower, around the 5* mark
  • At least 5 spaces in the Alliance
  • If still looking after 2 or 3 minutes I’d be more accepting of higher level titans up to 8* and around 200k
  • If still looking after 5 minutes I’d accept 300k and be looking through all the chat rooms. At this point it’s more important to make sure there’s space in the alliance for others to join
  1. When you find an alliance:
  • Click on the user advertising the Titan > View Profile
  • Click View under their Alliance section at the bottom
  • Click join
    ** If there isn’t a Join button, you didn’t leave your current alliance :stuck_out_tongue:
    ** Some folks are Invite Only - this is rare when they want help but does happen. In these cases I do get put off (if I’m not in a rush I will avoid it in case their person asking for help isn’t an Elder to be able to accept it - I’ve seen this before), but will often Request Join, just saying “Titan”. I will then keep looking for other Alliances to help whilst I wait to be accepted.
  1. Don’t say anything, attack the Titan immediately. I have teams setup for each colour. If you don’t, pick quickly.
  2. Feel free to chat or play through levels.
  3. It’s VITAL that you wait until you get the screen telling you your Loot or see the titan rankings in chat. If you leave before this (even if you immediately return before they do appear), you won’t get credit or loot for the kill.

Alliances Wanting Assistance

This while process doesn’t work if Alliances don’t ask for help.

I don’t often do this, but here is a quick guide (certainly not perfect, just an initial stab) for alliances wanting to try:

  1. I wouldn’t bother if your Titan has over 500k
  2. If possible set your Alliance type to Open (even if you then set it back to Invite Only once dead).
  3. Announce our in AT LEAST General Chat. Feel free to announce it in more.
  4. My ideal format would be something like “Blue 6* Titan, 162k left” add time only if you are cutting it fine so folks know they need to rush.
  5. Never EVER boot a player before loot has been awarded. This has never happened to me (and I’ve never heard it happen to anyone else), but if it had, I’d be furious.
  6. Bad hits happen, don’t be annoyed at people getting low hits.
  7. You don’t have to say anything (again, mutual transaction), but feel free to thank folks as they arrive.
  8. I’d advertise every few minutes in all chats (or at least General).
  9. Don’t advertise a Titan in the few hours before Matchmaking - you don’t want to be stuck with folks in your war that will then leave afterwards. Consider locking your alliance down an hour before Matchmaking.

Game Over Man, Game Over

Right, that’s all I have for now folks.

Hope this has helped.


Been meaning to post this for a while, so posting now and will today up as I get time. :wink:

Hope it helps!

I would add: Alliances looking for mercs - if you haven’t been matched yet for war you run the risk of having mercs being included in your war matching. They become ex-members when they leave and their flags are unusable.

Smaller alliances can take several hours to be matched and some players have ended up being included on both fields.

Just to be safe, I always make sure I go to a dead alliance after my own matchmaking.

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I know of at least a few players who have had this experience. There is even a blacklist for these alliances.

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Very helpful guide, thank you.

I don’t know if I got extremely lucky but I have gotten a 4* ascension off an already spawned rare 5* titan before…


Good point - added, thanks!

Thanks (tho that sucks).

How do folks see the blacklist?

Was it at the very end of the loot list?

Nope it wasn’t the bonus roll… (although it just happened to be the same ascension item as the bonus)

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I think there are FB groups who keep one. Perhaps a line and discord group as well. I know I’ve seen posts about it on global chat.

I would add, war start times are staggered. Smaller alliance wars start after 30v30 wars. So if you’re in a smaller alliance mercing and war has started for the bigger alliances, you may be locked out of your alliance war.

It pays to go back early rather than linger. War start times can vary up to 3hrs.