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Hello I have several suggestions for the game I hope it is useful I mentioned in the previous email: For the volar section: Add a prize for those who go through all the steps

Second suggestion: Why is Titan only in the first season? Isn’t it better to put Titan in the second and third chapters on the map?(Even in terms of geographical location on the map)

Third suggestion: If I’m not mistaken, I’ve been playing this game for more than three years But the Titans haven’t changed much … please add more variety to the Titans

Fourth suggestion: You can even create a different Titan each season … To do this, you need to add the number of Titan flags and reduce the time For example, instead of 4 hours, be 1 hour
Fifth suggestion: If the previous steps are done You can make each season harder for Titan than before

I hope Google has translated my thoughts and suggestions well

With all due respect


Not sure what Volar section means, but if you mean Valhalla there will be good rewards (hopefully similar to S2) for completion of the entire season. There won’t be any rewards specifically for each map section or realm, but you get the coins, so all good. If you don’t mean Valhalla maybe reword the message

Putting the Titan in a different season wouldn’t change anything practical

More Titan variety sounds good, as does the other Titan suggestion, but they have a finite amount of programming/development resources. Their objective will always be new stuff they can monetise. Not sure how new titans help their business objectives,but it would be nice, I agree

These sorts of things are best placed in #ideas-feature-requests so I will transfer it to there for you

I wonder if the OP is thinking it would be easier to remember to fight the titan if it appeared no matter what season you’re farming.

I know during Atlantis more “dont forget to fight the titan” messages are required because many players don’t switch back to Season 1.

Out of site - out of mind!

If this is the intention of the OP then I fully support it.

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my goal path of valor ... not valhalla
I've been winning all 50 awards for several days now, and I have no incentive to continue in this section.
But set a reward of 51 for people who get all the points until the last day

.I suggested both for Titan.
Repeat in other chapters

Or in a different way, the number of flags should be increased for this purpose

And please create new Titans with new shapes

I hope my suggestions help the game

King Regard


  1. We already get a reward for completing Valor challenges; we get Valor points. Not exciting, I know.
  2. Can see, but what about new players who haven’t got access to S2 or S3 maps?
  3. More variety would be good.
  4. First part sounds like extension of more titan variety. Then it’s about recharge times. A bit confused. But changing recharge times would require new balancing of titans. Not sure how well that would work; I suspect it will cause more problems than provide any solution.
  5. The titan rarity is the difficulty level.

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